Feature Discovery Series: Aerodynamics Part 2

Watch as CEO at Asobo Studios Sebastian Wloch talks concerning the Aerodynamics enhancements we have made since launch in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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31 thoughts on “Feature Discovery Series: Aerodynamics Part 2

    We CANT EVEN land properly, it is HORRIBLE. Left in the cold.

  2. DO NOT add anythign else, like super sonic flight UNTIL you can make atleast 1 god damn plane fly fully…WHY KEEP ADDING STUFF WHEN NOT 1 THING WORKS 100% WHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHY

  3. what I always miss in your videos is a definition of which features are included in which update. For example is the 1 Vector flight model the current one, has the updated more acurate model been included in Version X.XX.X or will it be included in the upcoming Version x.xx.x expected on Feb. xx. 2021. Really appreciate your work here!

  4. Thank you for taking such good care of this product. Your dedication and attitude towards constantly improving is greatly appreciated by the sim and pilot communities. Bravo!

  5. The Extra is still too sloppy. Too much momentum during roll. Watch a video of Michael Goulian or Patty Wagstaff and how their rolls stop with a crispness. Almost violently stop. The real Extra reacts instantly to control inputs.

  6. Can you tell me why there isn't a single white pilot avatar in the game? It's not like the game was made by africans

  7. Great video! Just a question: every previous version of FS had a Boeing 737-800 in it as a stock plane. It's the most popular airliner. Are there any plans to add one in MSFS?

  8. FORCE FEEDBACK PLEASE ! Many people still have it and some hardcore simmers also have the rare very expensive nowadays force Feedback hardware. This hardware are the ones used by professionals or people building cockpits and willing to use it with this sim.

  9. Would it be possible in a future improvement to offer more accessible VR? because currently it is very complicated for a beginner to use MS20 in VR

  10. You have to add drag induced adverse pitch when adding full flaps at speeds above Vfe

    And tons of things to match what XP-11 has. ie: simulation of "corckscreew" effects from propeller wind and its effects on the rudder; simulating different aerodynamic forces of the propeller disk depending on position (this is really important for simulating accurate adverse jaw, and it's not there…), etc

  11. Fix the xbox controller trigers rudders. For some reason you decided to change them from analog input to on-off buttons and made it impossible to fly with a cross wind or even to steer on the ground.

  12. When I see such things and Somebody asks „Is MFS 2020 woth it's money?“ I just can answer: „YEEESSS!!!“ It seems to be expensive but YOUR GREAT WORK needs to be paid ;-). Thanks for your great job!

  13. Please fix ground physics too, I know flight is more important but ground is awful, please make the planes tyres have more grip, less sliding and less sensitive to wind pushing them left or right etc.

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