Fears Melbourne's snap lockdown could last longer than 5 days | 7NEWS

In the future into Melbourne’s snap 5 day lockdown there are fears it may last more. There’s solely been one new case, taking the Vacation Inn cluster to 14, however …

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35 thoughts on “Fears Melbourne's snap lockdown could last longer than 5 days | 7NEWS

  1. They're politicians, of course they lie, it's all about trying to save their arse or in Dan's case saving face because we all know he is in bed with China, obviously he loves those mini spring rolls pounding his arse.

  2. Becoming more woeful in the future? Statistics show that in the year of 2020, New South Wales, received a total of 124,893 hotel quarantine visitors, responsible for most of Australia’s international tourist quarantine tasks, but only 4950 people infected with the new crown and 56 people died. Victoria, where Melbourne is located, only received 35,666 hotel quarantine visitors, which amounted to 28.5% of NSW’s intake, horribly 20,456 people got infected, 4 times that of NSW, and 820 people died of illness, 15 times that of NSW!

  3. Is it because you're ancestors were incarcerated criminals and of substandard intelligence, that you so gleefully wear your chains?

  4. 1 new case!! Run for the hills everyone. Seriously this is the biggest bunch of BS. The fact that here in NSW we could keep things open with 30 cases daily says it all. Dan and his team need to be arrested and thrown into jail for the damage they've caused Victorians.

  5. If you confiscated their life saving machine… did you put them in hospital or just take it away??

  6. The 901 bus route is a covid risk 🤣

    We didn't authorize the nebulizer… but he isn't lying 🤣🤣🤣

    Only a 5 day 'circuit breaker'.. Which will be longer than 5 days 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Wake up sheep.

  7. Melbournians and Victorians, embrace for more S. C. A. M. D. E. M. I. C. mini lockdowns.

    Embrace the Stockholm syndrome too

  8. Lying media & politicians creating fear so they can promote the vaccine agenda…remember what happened to Mussolini after WW2

  9. Is your neighbour/community follow the health rule? Think again!
    1. Not wearing mask indoor & outdoor
    2. 1 or more visiting at home (No visitors)
    3. People eating out between 2am to 3:30am?? LOL
    Believe it or not, picking up/drop off my family at work. I see everything in 5 km.

  10. They are infringing on our human rights!!! Before you know it you will need to apply for an exemption and get approved to have babies in this fucking country!!! We need to speak up now before it is too late. OPEN THE DAMN BORDERS!!!!!

  11. Very surprised the Australian Open went ahead in the current climate…. Very irresponsible risking lives for sport …. logic = zero.

  12. I wonder how long it will take for the penny to drop in people; This is never going away, not after the lock downs, not after the vaccines, not after 'zero cases'. The only chance you have is that you face up to the reality and push back, and I mean push back hard and fast, because once the majority gets the vaccine it will be near impossible to reclaim your freedoms.

  13. I want to help by telling you all that NEBULIZER (SALBUTAMOL) will surely helpfull in fighting covid 19.i myself i used it and im covid survivor. No one even the expert tell you that salbutamol is one of the medicine to erradicate covid 19

  14. I think the vaccine needs to be available to hotel quarantine staff as well. Australia needs to move up the timetable, before Victoria gets struck by a third wave.

  15. Please dont say don't let them international people in.. You sound stupid and uneducated.. I and many others are trying to get home to there familys which are sick. 95% of us arent going for "fun" where going because our familys are sick or where sick etc. How about you tell the hotel employees to wear ppe while there working with us because they are spreading it more than us!

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