FBI names Nashville Christmas bomber, remains found on site

The FBI has recognized 63-year-old Anthony Quinn Warner because the Nashville bomber however there are nonetheless questions on his motive. CBS Information’ Mola Lenghi has …

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41 thoughts on “FBI names Nashville Christmas bomber, remains found on site

  1. No one was killed or SRSLY hurt. The guy is a hero in my eyes for at least opening some eyes toward the 5G "conspiracies" whether true or not. That is if the story is even true. I told everyone before Xmas to expect a false flag event to occur on the holiday when most families were preoccupied. Was my prediction wrong? Given the comparisons between eyewitness testimonies and how the media is reporting it I notice some severe inconsistencies and chameleon narratives going on. Think about it. The guy apparently DIDN'T want a claim to fame despite his apparent friends/family saying that he made the statement he was going to be famous to Nashville and the world? People heard pre-recorded gunshots initially although the media left that crucial detail OUT of initial reports? The only consistent detail that BOTH the media and bystanders reported was hearing the recorded voice warning about an imminent blast with a countdown. It sure didn't take them a long time to analyze that DNA evidence despite having to search through mounds of evidence across MULTIPLE city blocks. The amount of explosives in that RV to cause THAT much damage must have been ridiculous if not a tad farfetched. Why did NO BYSTANDERS mention hearing the song that the "terrorist" apparently played!? Only a few days AFTER the incident is media NOW reporting about the song that was apparently played on the loudspeaker. I stayed very current with the reporting on the incident but heard nothing about the song until days later. Apparently the guy played a song from the 60's called "Downtown". In my humble opinion I think he should have rather chosen the new 2020 song "Parasite Eve" by Bring Me the Horizon. It is all too apparant that there are STILL alot of people who don't even slightly comprehend the ACTUAL meaning behind the song's title "PARASITE EVE". But I'M just a tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist who always jumps to crazy assumptions without first researching both sides of every argument.🤪 I guess I'll see myself out then…

  2. its 2020 people, we know everything about everybody. When the media refuses to explain a terrorists political ideology or motive, its because they are a left wing terrorist and the media doesnt want the public to know just how violent leftists truly are.

  3. Nobody’s callin this guy a terrorist but if it was any other race it woulda been different tell me I’m not wrong🤷🏽‍♂️

  4. There is so much more to this than will ever be released. I’m sure he was just a scapegoat. Much larger powers at work here

  5. this man just demonstrated how to take out communications and we are witnessing what was affected. God help us and bless those brave officers.

  6. You can tell right away if the suspect is white by how all the media and officials doesn't use the word terrorist, then few days later they will claim they found who did it and give him a cute name like: Christmas Bomber

  7. No doubt government will use this to increase it’s unConstitutional Patriot Act surveillance powers over We the People.

  8. First off, I'm thankful that so few people were injured. So please stop the war on terror, the war on citizens, the war on drugs, and the war using drugs, and crime. Just stop the wars. Stop ratcheting up tension. End the excessive domestic surveillance. End the patriot act. End the police militarization. Stop wagging the dog. Stop corporate welfarerule. End the political theatre. And let us live in peace and prosperity. No more 911's, no more patriot acts 2.0, no forced vaccines. Just stop. But this is what you all voted into office.

  9. This was straight from the wannabe,
    Tribe. Listen" this was a tactical move, where Police are given a chance to ( BE THE HERO).!!
    There trying to undo A SMALL AMOUNT OF DAMAGE DONE
    ELECTION, & ALL THE BACK – DOOR" DEALING WITH CHINA, GERMANY, & OTHER'S.!!! Just like Adolf" fialed & didn't get the nuke" first" Trump will
    Not fail,.!!!! & The commy, Dems, like Biden/pelosie/ Sanders/ schumur/ SHIFFS/ FBI/cia/ are all going to

  10. A “witness” Was given keys to a car and suspect says I don’t need it anymore I have cancer. Sorry but that doesn’t add up, if I was given keys to a car and the person told me I have cancer I don’t need it anymore I would probably contact the authorities and tell them hey I don’t know what’s going on with this guy but this is a strange thing to happen in general

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  12. I'm not sure the "regular people" statement was said in a condescending manner, I just think he hadn't prepared for that question and got scared and tripped over his words

  13. J. WELLS is so liar. he moved away from RV in 3sec. when in video we clearly can see he was minimum 60 feats away. damn son! we have new FLASH here… p.s. officers is so big heroes, they did what RV's loudspeakers told to everyone to do and still failed they failed. 6 officers and 3 civilians were injured… BRAVO!
    Me – yes its tragic, but media BS make things insanely TRAGIC

  14. Really you're going to produce real news other than running President Trump into the ground today huh…….!!! How shameful you people should be ashamed of yourself I wouldn't watch your new station if it was the only one on television

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