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30 thoughts on “FARM ISLAND EXPANSION! Valheim Episode 25

  1. Terraforming tip – stand back from the edge and aim the hoe there instead of over the lip. The earth might be raised more than you want but its more economical as you can just pickaxe it once back down to exactly where you want it, refunding stone in the process.

  2. Hoe Left Click Raises/Lowers The Terrain to your Feet Height!
    Hoe Shift Left Click Raises/Lowers The Terrain to your AIM Position Height.

  3. When you forget to name a portal at home couldn't you just name the new portal something that is already back home then enter and rename a different portal plains. Then go back through the portal and rename the new portal plains?

  4. Hello! you can find HUGE tall rock's in some of the Plain's biomes. You just need to break apart the bottom and then it all falls down and leaves you with TONS of rock!!!

  5. I love this game, but I do wish there was a bit more to do post game. And not just building I know thats a thing. But game loops. Like maybe the bosses are more difficult Souls style or something of that nature

  6. A good way to plant in straight and even lines is to press C and slowly walk forward as you're spamming plant. The cultivator delay with the walk speed matches pretty well.

  7. I think you can get slightly better placement by staggering your rows. It's a classic circle packing problem 😉

  8. it is episode 25 of Broadbent ignoring out suggestions about the cart 😮
    P.S. nice island btw 😉

  9. have they changed the ability to plant anywhere? I remember you didn't have to plant plains things in plains enviorments..

  10. Just wanted to add, there is a message log on the screen that shows what buffs you have, for when you want to see what new recipes you got.

  11. When using the windmill, do not take out the Flour by hand, or the game will bug and you will only get 1 flour, no matter how many were processed. The windmill will give out the full amount on its own if you just wait. Learned it the hard way myself

  12. Are you not worried about Plains spawns happening like the boars did? or have you done something to prevent that?

  13. it looks like you might be able to connect up your main base island with the farming island to make one big island.

  14. Not up to this vid yet but Broadbent this series is so good you’ve made me enjoy Valheim so much for my first time playing! thanks bro

  15. Best way to get rocks … go to the obelisks in plains and mine them out at the base the top will shatter and fall inti a pile of stone.

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