Factorio Biter Island – DeathWorld (Challenge Map) – Part 4

Factorio Biter Island – DeathWorld (Problem Map) A revamp of my first well-liked Factorio problem map, this time with even crazier settings and guidelines!

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47 thoughts on “Factorio Biter Island – DeathWorld (Challenge Map) – Part 4

  1. Sooner or later (probably sooner), you'll need armor-piercing bullets, and thus, the copper production needed to make them, to make the medium biters as insignificant of a threat as the small biters are now.

  2. You are staying on small island with tons of monster that wants to kill you and you are bothered by some power poles?

    I can see that you aren't scar of biters at all 😀

  3. Did you accept my challenge also for my challenge you can only use land fill to make your things square and symmetrical or mirrored and keep as many biter bases as you can alive and you can make the island one notch bigger then 17%

  4. i always hold my breath when you end your messages with … it makes me feel like an attack could come at any second! loving the series

  5. The cliffhangers are glorious. Your storytelling is getting better and better as you go, and I am living for every moment of it.

  6. Nice tip with the deconstruct planner. Didn't know that. Great video, I feel like you're just dancing on the edge of control on this map. Great progress, but will it be enough?! Keep up the great work, I look forward to the next episode!

  7. Hey Michael, why don't u try to do more minecraft contents? Like another runs, discovering new features about the new snapshot, etc. (I don't wanna bother you, I like how you channel rised since 2016, but, yee. Some content variations wouldn't hurt) Thanks for the attention :).

  8. That's a sooo cool series!
    Why dont you just make 2 or 3 layers of pipes around the Turrets? That would slow then down a lot

  9. Has Labchains been undone? Building a chain of labs which grab from one another to supply themselves? Wouldn't that be space efficent, you don't need the whole thing belted up and such…

  10. So not only is this series entertaining and thrilling as heck, you also expect me to believe that i can learn stuff here?
    WOW! can one wish for more?

  11. no, why so short. can't wait till the next one these are great! please do similar content in the future. am on the edge of my seat.

  12. Now that i saw others comment said it (although indirectly), can you please delay the text just by 1-2 seconds more? They are too fast…

    I know playback speed is a thing in youtube, but the backsound is also slowed down which isn't that nice to hear even at x0.75…

  13. Your videos are specially entretaining, you keep the essence of the game and you allways fit some data and tense fights, allways running side to side in order to keep up whit the treath respecting the viewer. You really put energy into your videos

    There is no other series on YouTube more entretaining than this. Thanks for it

  14. "defense evaluation (pause to read all)"

    and here i thought pausing every 10 seconds to read the textboxes was the standard michael hendricks viewing experience

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