Facility Update #8! (More Universal Rocks Décor has Arrived!)

Immediately we obtained our second order from Common Rocks, in addition to a few of our first merchandise for the retail facet of the constructing! With all of the decor we now have, …

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46 thoughts on “Facility Update #8! (More Universal Rocks Décor has Arrived!)

  1. As a fellow Minnesotan, I am SO EXCITED for your store and zoo to open. I swear I will be the first in line on opening day, can’t wait!!!!

  2. I don’t know why but I really live for these updates. I think they make me feel… less lonely? It’s fun to watch the store come together, but also you guys just seem so friendly and kind that it makes the viewers feel like they are really a part of it too.

  3. Me: has one reptile enclosure.
    Ed and Emily: yeah we have like a dozen pallets of zoo med enclosures nothing special.
    Me: 😱😱😱

  4. Imagine having that many zoo med enclosure, you guys are sooooooo luck. BTW I love your channel and what you do. 🐸🐢🐍🦎🦎🦖

  5. Emily, i just came up with an idea – maybe have a giant branded note pad by the shop door where customers can write little notes there for you and you can rip it away so you can keep em?! I think its cool! Or maybe a chalk board? Sorry! Just got random ideas like maybe a map outline on the note pad so people can mark where they're from??

  6. From a loss prevention point of view I wouldn’t put the big cricket containers on the counter. This could create a problem. The more open you have your show room the less inviting it is for shoplifters.

  7. I just love y’all!!
    I wish I was closer,.. I would LOVE to come visit your ZOO!!
    I can’t wait to see it when it’s done❣️

  8. HEY!! EMILY AND ED!! Would you guys be willing to make a video about the new discovered species of chameleon? The little Nana/Nano lizard…? Could you do a video about it and discuss it? Maybe talk to your audience about why this is a hugely important Discovery, and also talk about any worries or concerns about the future of the species because not only he is a very protected and there's only a few of them around, but I'm very very concerned about the irresponsible reptile pet owners in the reptile Community wanting to get these little guys and ruining it for the rest of the world… I also think it would just make a great educational video in general because it is so incredibly, extremely, hyper rare that we get a new species of any type of animal!… So please? Here is a link to a video from Inside Edition that talks about the Nana/Nano chameleon and give some details about it! 🙂

    Nano Chameleon Inside Edition:

  9. On my behalf
    Please keep the rodents on a safe diet with enough space… But you guys are amazing! I’m sure the rodents will be so happy 💖😅

  10. In Australia, monitor lizards ar calle guanas. Or iguanas.
    Even though the actual iguana lizard isnt a monitor.
    Confusing, I know.

  11. I got an idea, have the freezer where you wanted, then bolt the 3 boxes together, add a slider to the back since they are light weight and bolt the sliders to the wall above the freezer, so when you need something in the freezer, they slide up when you open the freezer and come back down when you close it…
    then you have your table clear for something else.
    Please like if you like my idea, so they see it 😀
    Hope you can use the idea E&E, love from Denmark

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