Facility Update #7! -We had a Shocking Discovery-

In as we speak’s replace, we concentrate on the retail aspect of the constructing whereas we anticipate extra zoo provides and decor. It is actually beginning to seem like an precise retail retailer …

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28 thoughts on “Facility Update #7! -We had a Shocking Discovery-

  1. You're breeding Rex Rats as feeders? Oh no! Why not use the regular all white ones? That little baby rat in your hand is SO CUTE! I want to keep it as a pet!

  2. Yesterday was my birthday and I got a jackson chameleon if you have one it would be cool to show him on video and mines name is trike

  3. the squirrel's really went: shoot we got caught. Get rid of the evidence.

    This proves my theory of Squirrel's and pigeons working for the government. They're too smart

  4. One day there’s going to be antics in the office and the hedge trimmer is going to be uncovered and they’ll add to the time capsule history

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