Facility Update #6! (We Finally Have Bathrooms!!)

From our constructing’s exterior getting a facelift, to swooning over practical bathrooms and enjoying with a machete, at present’s facility replace incorporates all kinds of …

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39 thoughts on “Facility Update #6! (We Finally Have Bathrooms!!)

  1. You should paint a wall dark green and then maybe add a lighter green outline of a snake there! Or another reptile, I think that would look nice!

  2. Sharpen the knife. It's a disgrace, otherwise.
    But good for hacking through the jungle in your zoo. ^ ^ You definitely need to wear it on your hip when greeting school classes and groups. Tell the kids to not stray from the walkways or the alligator will eat them.

  3. I wish i had people like Emily and Ed close to me, they genuinly come across as really silly but really kind, humble, respectfull, loving , caring people <3 I'm so happy you guys made the decision somewhere in life to start youtube, mainly ofcourse for education about reptilians, slitherly fliends etc, but i can say with most certainty, you guys brighten my day up most of the time.
    Especially feel a connection when you guys get hella excited over pokemon things, im around your ages, and also grew up watching pokemon… yes the original one, where pickachu was still a dickhead <3 just makes me feel, that it's okay to still like it, and i really appreciate it ^_^ ~

  4. when emily reacated ti the lights turning on:
    hey i do that: when my mom wakes me up at 8:30 but im already awake bc thats the only alone time i get everyday, unless you count cleaning alone.

  5. If they haven't been installed yet….. have the tissue holder installed above the hand rail inside of the stalls. It us very annoying to have to bend over and almost fall off the john trying to reach for the tissue. Just my opinion……… 🙂

  6. I want a fat tailed gecko but I already have 2 budgies, 4 chickens, 1 cat and 1 dog and also could you please do a good starter lizard/ gecko video

  7. When the building opens I'm gonna go to it and then after I'll go to the DQ right next door for icecream 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  8. Emily I have a new yellow belly ball python and I fed her three different wensdays and she has not pooped yet she is a year old her name is lacy crazy but I have been watching it videos for 3 years and so I really been wanting a snake my mom knows nothing about pythons and I need advise fast I feed her today wensday Desmber 30 2020 but can u read this and help me

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  10. What are you guys going to do about employment? I don't know if you've talked about it yet or not, but I was curious. This would be such an amazing place and staff to work with

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