Extreme Cleaners Make Worrying Discovery

In Aberystwyth, Wales, excessive cleaners are despatched in to clear a house whose earlier tenants have been evicted. What they uncover is a grim reminder of the realities …

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33 thoughts on “Extreme Cleaners Make Worrying Discovery

  1. Do the property owners not test the living areas for drug contamination in the walls, ceiling etc? Decontamination is often necessary after certain drugs have been circulating in the rooms.
    This place may be on the lower end of the scale but who knows exactly how much toxic residue may have built up

  2. That pick axe was used as an weapon I'd say! Either used as a weapon or threatened to be used as a assault tool!

  3. I have a burning desire to sort through everything and find items that are good to resell, call it fundraising. So haul it to a flea market. The cleaners can earn extra money this way and pay for fat roast beef sandwiches. Right now at 6:28 a.m. and I can go for a fat roast beef sandwich with juicy tomatoes!!!! Anybody want to join me if so what would you put on this roast beef sandwich?

  4. How many people here are American and how many people here are British? I am American and love this show! Watching at 6:14 a.m.

  5. Please remember that these are addicts. That poor child deserves a stable environment and it’s horrific that they did drugs around their child. Addiction is an issue of mental health. It makes you do things you would never do sober. It’s debilitating and life destroying. They need help not chastising

  6. The people who lived there should be made to watch this video. so they can see their stuff being thrown away and hear the cleaners opinion of them. i hope the kids are in a safer place now.

  7. Just got to about 1:00 and the narrator says "and if there are infected needles here, Johnny wants to make sure they can be handled safely!" You would have thought Johnny would wear gloves when picking through papers etc!

  8. Omg and they have kids 🤬🤬🤬
    Kids could get neddle injury horrible poor kids will now grow up thinking that is normal to take drugs

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