EXPLORING UNINHABITED ISLANDS Living From The Ocean (Amazing Weather) – Ep 273

Brodie Moss movies his day from begin to end exploring wonderful distant islands residing from the ocean fishing for meals sustainably with Vicky and his canine Stryda …

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33 thoughts on “EXPLORING UNINHABITED ISLANDS Living From The Ocean (Amazing Weather) – Ep 273

  1. Bro I’ve sat through 6 hours straight with no breaks of your videos🤍you’re the type of person this world needs and thank you for sharing your adventures with us

  2. I love watching some of your video it see the clear blue sea really make me feel like moving out of city and live a life like you

  3. Looking forward to some more Science with Jared. Easy going episode, thank you for sharing your life with us. Nice to see Vicky in the copilot position.

  4. Brody, you should get a red light filter for your go pro. It'll make the colours show properly when you're underwater

  5. Thank you for making your personal life universal and avelable for us .
    I wish you a long life and more succes you deserve it .
    You country should give you something exchange for encouraging the tourism and for all the respect you care for the annimal and mother nature in general , greeting from northafrica MOROCCO 🇲🇦🇲🇦

  6. Need a cameraman let me know. Even do it for free lol. Absolutely magical. Everytime I watch it makes me more and more go stuff it pack the 4wd up and move from the east coast to the West!

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