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ALL INFO HERE ☼ Half 7 of my sister’s around the globe journey! This video is from ‘Eua Island within the Pacific polynesian Tonga. Seashores, caves and forests!

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24 thoughts on “Explore 'Eua Island, Tonga | SabinasWorld

  1. Hi, Yasmin & Sabina. I admire your brave and adventurous spirits. For Sabina: Have you done any more videos of any more recent travels? If so, will you be sharing them?

  2. koe feitu ena motua Germany nae dead I Eua nae langa pe motua Germany, tonu pe vakai tama Tonga nae business fakataha Moe Germany nako ia pe naane fai vale ko ena, kau foki atu ki Eua fanai Sio sky okay .

  3. thank you for posting this video….I'm from 'Eua..it's a small island but truly it's a nice place ….glad you enjoy visiting the island

  4. Wow I wrote on ur last vid asking bout this video and now I'm so happy to see that not only did you visit Tonga but also the island my mum was raised.good old 'Eua.hope they treated u right there. 🙂 Lot of great places to visit in that small island..safe travels.. God bless

  5. Your sister is very lucky to enjoy all of these beautiful places:) hopefully I can visit someday. thank you for sharing!

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