Exploration – Voyages of Discovery gameplay (PC Game, 1994)

Gameplay for Exploration – Voyages of Discovery, Dos PC sport produced by Software program 2000 in 1994 …

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5 thoughts on “Exploration – Voyages of Discovery gameplay (PC Game, 1994)

  1. Please help, what's the name of the educational exploration game that allows you to choose between Christofer Colombus boats, is; Santa Maria, la pinta and or while sailing your crew can get scurvy. It also showed you how to cure it and you could do surgery and it was pretty graphic if I recall correctly. It was like Oregon trail but educational about sea life and history. I remember playing it in school around the 90s. Thanks.
    I feel like Mayflower would in the name but I don't it.

  2. o….m…g…i havent thought of this in 25 years…..5th grade…1995….we always got stuck in the doldrums or would just run the ship to Antarctica until it hit an iceberg….

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