EXPANDED ISLANDS MOD! Build On Bigger Islands! | Jurassic World: Evolution Mod Spotlight

A mod that provides greater islands to construct on in Jurassic World Evolution. ⭐ Subscribe for extra Jurassic World Evolution Mod movies ▻ …

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50 thoughts on “EXPANDED ISLANDS MOD! Build On Bigger Islands! | Jurassic World: Evolution Mod Spotlight

  1. Mod is, as I say, pretty busted. Take this more as a "future of modding" video rather than a suggestion of something to go download right now.

  2. Man, if we keep evolving like this, modifying the islands, adding new dinos to the game without replacing existing dinos, this will become the next minecraft

  3. As a console player I cannot benefit from mods but I am very happy for those who can – plus I still get to see it in videos like this.

  4. I got Jurassic World Evolution for free on epic games!

    Also BIS, Please do not stop with the dinosaur content as most of the youtubers do not play dinosaur games

  5. Honestly when this game was announced I expected parks to be able to be this huge, hence why I never touched the game in the first place lol

  6. Breeding video games idea. 1

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  7. I should’ve watched this before I built an entire park.. loaded back in and the entire thing was messed up 😛 ugh just wait until he polishes i guess

  8. I WISH there was a mod for more buildings, I am so bored of placing the same 10 or so guest items over and over again haha, I just want more customisation options. Like imagine if this had the same detail as Planet Coaster or Planet Zoo. Even a mod for more props and things to place I don't know. I'm desperate for more haha, hopefully mods can get that far with this.

  9. Idiot use the leveling tool and level off the side of the mountains over the water and you will raise the land out of the see creating one solid land mass to build I swear watching you play gives me anxiety bc you don’t show the most important thing

  10. 9:04
    oh i know why
    thats outside the helicopter despawn area
    you know when you sell a dinosaur the helicopter disapears when it hits the despawn area

  11. Well…
    It’s definitely expanded but it’s not the whole island.
    Good on the modders though for coming this far. Hope it continues to be refined as time goes on.

  12. Would love to see a park made using this mod! Also, can you raise or lower terrain that was previously out of bounds?

  13. I used to watch you when I was 11 even though I lost interest in dinosaurs it’s still good to know your still kicking about mate 🙌🏼

  14. Hopefully the problems are fixed soon, it'll be so good once it's working!
    Good luck, mod makers!
    Edit: For Science! RIP dinos lost to the void. I love that it refuses to make sense~

  15. “For every inch you give the player, they’ll take a mile.” Leadhead(The Stanley Parable • Frustrating Players)

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