Exclusive Trailer: Syfy's MONSTER ISLAND, Premiering 6/1!

Monster Island will premiere Saturday, June 1st on Syfy! Because the world tries to cease an enormous Kaiju bent on destruction increasingly monsters seem – every one …

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38 thoughts on “Exclusive Trailer: Syfy's MONSTER ISLAND, Premiering 6/1!

  1. The Asylum: Let's make a mockbuster of Godzilla, Rampage and Kong: Skull Island now that they are popular again! It'll be great!
    Everyone else: I'm sorry, I thought this was supposed to be a parody of those movies you mentioned, not a parody of your own crappy movies.

  2. I watched it, I regret it. For a kaiju movie you would expect a good monster fight, but not in this movie. All you get is a giant flying starfish try to strangle a golem and have people throw a spear at the golem eye and then it explodes and both monsters die. I would be willing to ignore the bad story if there was a good kaiju fight.

  3. SiFi must be owned by the Mexican cartel or the Mafia because the best way to launder drugs money is making crappy and shitty movies…lol

  4. I wonder if the people who worked on this asked for their names to be changed in the credits? Who would want to be associated with this movie?

  5. Another SeeFee movie disaster! Terrible acting, lousy CGI. Even if it's not Asylum, it sure looks like they set the bar for all future shows/movies. I will continue to not watch the SeeFee channel!

  6. Quite possibly the worst movie of all time. The naval commander is a general, not an admiral. The "military" can't afford to get haircuts and the uniforms look like they came from a bad Halloween party. The monsters are ridiculous but are still better than the dialogue. This film brings low budget and lack of imagination to a new low.

  7. i saw this year's godzilla film and it is the wildest and most amazing godzilla film of all and this asylum film is rather a garbage version of it. I like to see The Asylum make their own Gamera film and i hope they use good special effects this time

  8. Would the SYFY network please do two things? 1. Hire some consultants who know what the FRACK military uniforms, tactics, and equipment are supposed to look like and maybe has a better idea of how soldiers actually do their jobs. 2. Hire some writers who actually write and use imagination as opposed to ripping off any science fiction film that makes more than a dollar.

  9. A giant flying starfish vs a giant rock golem with mini dragons as a side kaiju? Acting seems a little clunky but the effects look decent? The Asylum didn't make this, right? This movie looks like it doesn't have their fingerprints on it.

  10. THANK YOU FOR MORE GIANT MONSTERS!!! Kaiju rules!! I've been a fan of Japanese monster and super hero cinema (Gojira, Ultraman, etc) since I was a kid and I'm hella older than most people. LOL This actually looks like will be a fun watch.

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