Everything Wrong with Star Trek Discovery 3×12 Review Breakdown Analysis by Nitpicking Nerd

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29 thoughts on “Everything Wrong with Star Trek Discovery 3×12 Review Breakdown Analysis by Nitpicking Nerd

  1. Not in the video and maybe someone already mentioned it, but I’m pretty sure that a ship wouldn’t just vent all the oxygen In the tubes to stop a fire if there arePEOPLE in there?!? Such a dumb episode. I liked you’re review, you’re correct, nothing makes sense!

  2. Back in 1845, Sam Houston, President of the Republic of Texas, kidnapped a military convoy headed from Louisiana to California, and then rode to New Orleans to negotiate their release with General Winfield Scott. As part of the negotiations, Scott agreed to admit the Republic of Texas into the United States immediately, thus setting off the Mexican-American War. That's probably what this episode was based on.

    Oh wait, no, nevermind. That didn't happen. Because that would be ridiculous.

  3. Nobody mentioning that Staments saw 3 dots behind that scientist ear even though he couldnt have seen those before!?

  4. I was actually very entertained by this episode.
    In the first part it worked for me as a plot twist that Osyraa wanted to negotiate peace when the feds didn't want to listen so she had to break into starfleet HQ. I guess they couldn't spore jump into the bubble because Stamets refused to cooperate. I liked the scientist guy and he made me question who is actually the bad guy.

    But after that everything went to shit: The federation emperor didn't want to negotiate, Osyraa actually wanted to destroy starfleet even if she passed the detector, Burnham did her Die Hard stuff…..

    IDK the whole episode struggles between a bad fan project and an action b-movie. But I was entertained

  5. First: "The Federation has sealed it's fate", "You will feel the full weight of the chain"
    Later: "Please consider an alliance with us"

    everyone: ???

  6. I agree, shows that do homages do not have the writing talent for anything original. If only this show and Picard had at least some quality control.

  7. i feel as though cbs is censoring all their negative comments, about their trek shows on twitter. there is no way in hell everyone loves these shows and cant find not one thing wrong with them. thats all u see, nothing but good comments talking about how great their shows r. there is just no way.

  8. Until this episode, I didn't understand that the Emerald Chain was an alternative federation of planets. Before, I thought it was a space mafia: An underground criminal society that operated within a larger society. But now they're saying it's an actual society with a formal government and laws. Did I miss them establishing that before or did they really not say it until this episode?

  9. Don't forget the anti-radiation healing injection that makes signs of radiation poisoning disappear like magic. And the fact that Book is fine being around Michael who is probably, at this point, dangerously radioactive. And the whole crashing into the strangely always-open launch bay. Sure, the shield was down (how did they know that would happen?), but why is that bay always open? NASA would not approve Discovery for manned space flight, let alone interstellar travel.

  10. Why did Michael not nerve pinch the other humanoid dude who stabbed her? My mind mentally went through all the vulcan nerve pinches, including when Data did it, and the line about Nemoy talking about the pinch being something for a more civilised time when the script wanted him to hit people, and thought, "Why?"

    I was also surprised we didn't get a gross close-up of the frozen corpse (new Trek loves gross, dramatic things). They went a whole episode without grossing me out, so we're at day one. Can they make it to day two? I wonder.

    I feel like I'm watching a documentary on how not to make Trek, or something. At least, going by Disney, after the destruction of something really great (the final Skywalker trilogy), comes something good (Mandalorian) after good people come arrive to save the day. So we'll see. Will Kutzman destroy Trek? Or will our heroes arrive in time for hope to prevail? Find out next time on Dragon Ball Zeeeeee!

  11. Yet another great review ftom you! The comment you made on the general being a dictator, somewhat remindes me of bibi…

  12. "Are we the baddies?" Meme basically. I'm surprised the magic bracelet can't turn into medical gear, it's already a tricorder, mini-phaser, etc.

  13. Stab and cut wounds in that far into the future should literally be a thing of the past with the technology that they have she shouldn't need to cauterized a wound like that it's stupid -_-

  14. 31:30 well the Admiral ask her about why not find first the tecnologie and then negotiate…but i think there are two points here:

    1) No one in the Galaxy could let the other have such tecnologie, so it would leed to war
    2) If you want to grow, its much more rasonable to integrate others then destroy them (see Borg or how companies work today)

    but nice Video…thanks for your ideas 🙂

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