Every Line on the Island of Sodor Explained (Seasons 1-7) — Sodor Explained

I speak about a fictional railway on a fictional island for an hour Obtain the complete res map right here → HD Recreation of Awdry’s Sodor map by …

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33 thoughts on “Every Line on the Island of Sodor Explained (Seasons 1-7) — Sodor Explained

  1. 52:19 , I thought about 3 bridges set, and i would set it between Arlesburgh and Callan, pretending that conection from toby's branchline to Arlesburgh harbour would be still passable and toby's line would connect to little western from other side, in this configuration low-line near channel would go to the harbour, middle line would be little western, and highest line (toby's branchline) crosses little western and then turns and conects to little western/goes side by side with it to callan. This idea might work if we don't see what runs on these tracks, in this idea even conection between Ulfsted and Aresdale makes sense so goods can be transfered from mines to second harbour, possibly Peel Godred can be conected to Arlesdale as a short cut to a harbour, (this just hard fantasy, and rather stupid one), by conecting these 3 lines we would have connection at Ulfstead Castle, what wee see at animated series. Another "proof" for that fanthasy is "bulgy" episode when the highest line serves as road for bulgy, middle track is there a little western, i supose that highest bridge is both railway and road bridge at the same time, in this theory bulgy bridge accident must have been close to Callan.

  2. I think most of this checks out, but I don't agree with the Coastal Run being where it is…or at least, how it's positioned.

    In Something in the Air, Henry is sent down the Coastal Run with the Flying Kipper, the stationmaster at the docks saying that "it's the quickest".

    But the Flying Kipper is supposed to travel down the Main Line towards Vicarstown, isn't it?

  3. I admire your work. There is just one problem that I have noticed. PLEASE READ THIS, FOR REAL. Its not necessaraly your mistake, the story writters of the episode are probbably at fault here, but: in Rusty and The Boulder, we clearly see, that boulder ends up crashing into the "stone cutting + transfer yard". On your map, this yard is placed very far from the boulder quarry, meaning that the boulder had to go through pretty much the whole Skarloey Railway – which is impossible due to many tunnels that would stop the boulder. Therefore, the stone cutting yard shoud be located in the mountains. But thats also not possible, because standard tracks dont go anywhere near the center of the Skarloey Railway. Its really messy, I know. There is no solution for this, but it just something to think about. 😉

  4. 9:18
    It's possible this was done to regulate load limits on the bridge? I.E. in the show's cannon not the actual set cannon just a small thought though, not some bridge expert.

    (Also how dare you say magic railroad isn't cannon *Keyboard spam*)
    (In all seriousness though, could just put any location from it anywhere it would fit, unless it's named that is.)

  5. I like that map from evry eras in my series Thin Controller rebuilds parts of mid sodor engines and parts of railway and it connects with Mautain railway now is called Skarloey fell branch, Velsbridge become baitin, Old station now it's called agnus station, and that where fog man lives that crossing it's now real crossing, Bolder's quarry become narrow gauge qwarry,and other parts of MSR is rebuild and Gold mine waz becoming main a trackshon

  6. McColl Farm was only on Toby's line in one season, so similar to how Arthur's line was constructed to Harwick between seasons we can say that Farmer McColl moved his farm to Thomas' branch at some point between series 6 and 8, possibly because Toby's old line doesn't have as much traffic as Thomas' branch.

  7. There is a possible explanation for there being a Lower Suddery but not a Suddery. Sometimes in Britain, a railway would pass near to a town that the railway wanted to serve, but not near enough that they could justifiably name a station after it. So they’d come up with a compromise like “South [Town]” or “[Town] Road.” Perhaps Suddery is on a hill and running the line through the town would have been an expensive diversion when the real priority was getting to Brendam, so they built a station below the town.

  8. 32:20 Maybe McColl relocated his farm to Thomas' Branch Line after the rough winter in Toby had a little lamb so more engines could deliver goods to him regularly than just Toby.
    I don't know if farm relocation is even a real thing; it's just a thought I had.

  9. this has answeared so many questions for me about where various junctions branched off… i do have one issue though… if the stone cutting + transfer yard is the other side of the tunnel, how did the boulder get through the tunnel? could the tunnel fit onto the narrow guage mainline closer to crovan's gate, so that goods branch, diverges before and doesn't pass through the tunnel

  10. Quick Question for anyone to answer: So in Season 5, when Henry crashes into the sea with the Flying Kipper, I believe he was on the coastal route going north. Since that line seems to terminate, where do we think he was going? It also seemed weird that Thomas brought some cars for the Kipper down the same route, only for Henry to go back up that route, but perhaps my question is just one of those inconsistencies?

  11. Absolutely incredible work, really amazing! I’m actually working on the map for a route I’m planning to build on Train Simulator, so this is really helpful because it’s given me a lot of ideas as to layout and how I can try and squeeze in everything I want. Excellent work as always

  12. Heres what I don't get, Edwards branchline travels all the way to Brendam docks, that on a branchline, yet all the other engines are seen here all the time. Whats more confusing is that in the season 6 episode no sleep for cranky there's a shot of Gordon with the express, why is here taking such an important train that isn't the main line. Something that always bugged me

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