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44 thoughts on “EU reverses decision to temporarily override part of the Brexit deal 🔴 @BBC News live – BBC

  1. We should leave the EU. Think about it: our own laws, all the fish for us, workers rights we can let JRM Our PM decide them. Come on you know it makes sense, ask the fishermen.

  2. prediction.. within 1-3 months china is going to "prove" that it was a foreign contagion not of chinese origin, 6-9 months later it will be proved that the evidence was falsified. 3-6 months after that it will be dropped.

  3. 3rd world country must have the vaccine. Such as the countries of African continent and the countries of South Asia and the countries of Latin America.

  4. I'd rather have a 3 day drug fueled sex bender with freddy mercury, two pigs and a bat from Wuhan than take that vaccine.

  5. N'aww. shame about that one that your favourite buddy boys the EU had to back out of a power play they failed ot enact, anit it BBC? 🙂 Shame.

  6. Soooo, the only ones who hardened the border was the EU. Funny that. How embarrassing that for all the posturing and pretence the Irish government just had to bend over

  7. children will be fine, they're all stupid anyways, the smart ones will be smart regardless. Why you care if a shit kid gets a F on his exam or a unmarked?

  8. I find it incredible that anyone could still defend the utterly useless, totally incompetent and thoroughly corrupt EU – but, no doubt, the BBC will be loyal to the bitter end – the bitter that is surely coming.

  9. This vaccine cost billion and trillion of pounds of tax payers. There are 5 million Europeans living and working in uk and getting all sort of benefits just like uk citizens  more then 4 million have just normal skills, half of the Europeans even can't speak basic English if they can live and work in uk what about 1 million illegal migrants living in UK who have better skills and talent and deserve for better future still waiting for amnesty ????
    How this government will overcome this covid 19 and how vaccine plan will work effectively without considering 1 million illegal migrants who are not registered with NHS or got any gp ??? This government will waste billion and trillion of pounds of tax payers I think everyone should stand and ask question to Boris Johnson, he is responsible and accountable .
    Wise decisions and timely decisions will lead to success otherwise total failure .

  10. The BBC should be paying us the public for watching TV remember they need to advertise. How are the big company's gonna get the there product for sale. Think about it

  11. I do respect the decision of the UK the leave the EU but we – the Austrians – would be just a small point on a big world map. We would get the worst trade deals when negotiating with bigger countries and when it comes to vaccines: AstraZeneca would have put us at the end of the queue. Since entering the EU 1995 we had – for the first time in decades after WW2 – a price stability, a voice and many more benefits. The EU isn't perfect but the goal must be to get stronger with every legislative period to fight our enemies. 27 states in the boat is a good starting point. There is no alternative but isolation and nationalism.

  12. Still think the EU is a force for good? Do you really think implementation of Article 16 was a mistake? – The sooner the EU collapses the better off Europe will be…..Oh nearly forgot. Cancel your TV license. Defund the BBC.

  13. Any English person under the age of 30 who takes the vaccine before it is offered to the over 60's in a poorer nation should be a ashamed of themselves. Unless you are a frontline worker then wait until the elderly in poorer countries are vaccinated.
    Can this be the one time in history that the English are not consumed by greed and racism ?

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  16. What's shady af is that AstraZeneca screwed the EU nations over while ramping up the UK vaccine supply… I wonder what you guys would have done if AstraZeneca was screwing you over…

  17. This is just like Trump trying to get 3M from exporting masks. 3M said "this is a humanitarian emergency!" The Canadian PM said those who live in Canada who work in US hospitals, clinics, labs wont be allowed to cross the border. Never heard anything about it again.

  18. The EU were too focused on having Brexit discussion trade leverage (alongside delaying individual EU state desires for vaccine orders – e.g. its refusal and delay of an individual order from Italy) instead of conjuring a viable contract at the correct time. The EU have made a mistake and were quite frankly 'too late to the party'. They were 3 months later than the UK, and are now attempting to use both direct and indirect destructive and economic threats to force the UK's hand into helping supply them. Astrazeneca are unable to fully provide the EU at this current stage, which is unsurprising considering they already have contractual agreements which were agreed months prior (alongside logistical ease). Essentially, this is a substantial EU fuckup (fyi I was a remainer/albeit one who accepted the referendum result in 2016 and has gradually shifted against a bureaucratic system ).

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