Ethereum Breaks ALL-TIME High – Price Discovery Mode ON | Daily Cryptocurrency News!

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24 thoughts on “Ethereum Breaks ALL-TIME High – Price Discovery Mode ON | Daily Cryptocurrency News!

  1. Not only is your pet bird adorable… you also have a Magic hand that comes in from screen right!!?!?!? How do we get one of those? Great, humble content. Thanks much 🙂

  2. Been hodling ETH since March 2017! It's insane the gains just from hodling. My friends day traded and a few were caught on margin calls and got rekt. Hodling is the way forward 👍 also been following Omar since then, he's my boy!

  3. Strange: The subs of Omar stying the same, while others are pumpin.
    Maybe he needs to make these "porn" face thumbnails And promise 100x – 1000x Altpumps.

  4. LODE runs on the Syscoin blockchain meaning that it can prob be easily bridged over to ETH using the Sys-Ethereum bridge. Worth connecting with Blockchain Foundry or Syscoin Foundation for more details on this… Good video bro 🤟🏼

  5. Binance smart chains fees are typically $0.10 and about $2.00 for token approvals. Super cheap. And since it's binance it can be considered solid.

  6. Omar the ETH King! Much respect man. I truly appreciate all the news tips and knowledge you have shared over the years. I still a little lost on the nfts and it really seems like something I could use in some way. More interested in how they are combined. They are really interesting sounding. Music nfts would be sweet!

  7. Been following you since the Dash Conference a few years back. Just got back into adding to my portfolio again, I’ve missed the whole past year. Look forward to catching you live more.👌

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