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14 thoughts on “ESP Films Discovery Innovators (Home Made Pedal Powered Washing Machine) Promo

  1. what is this shit… useless she could rather study electricity, also give me a break.. she didn't veld that together meh….

  2. What an amazing and beautiful mind at age 14! She is the future and how lucky the world is have such a talented beautiful young lady! All Respect!

  3. Great . Not sure about the ankle angle , may improve ergonomics , with chain wheel , and standard bottom bracket length . With Sturmey might get it up to spin speed !     

  4. Cool, I like this vid, it's short and sweet and gets to the point quick.
    When I get my pedal powered close washer working, I'll YouTube it as well.
    Check out my "Clothes Whirly" vid for a real hoot.

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