Epic Onion Farm Design Makes 60k Onions/Hour in Roblox Islands (1.8M Coins/Hour!)

Displaying you a brand new Onion Farm design that produces over 60ok Onions per hour in Roblox Islands! I ran a number of timed checks in opposition to it and confirmed I broke my …

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34 thoughts on “Epic Onion Farm Design Makes 60k Onions/Hour in Roblox Islands (1.8M Coins/Hour!)

  1. pls add caption to all your vids becaues i have a firend that is deaf and if there no captoin i need to wirte your whole vid and she can read it pls add caption 🙂

  2. DV am in level 48 in the economy and i only have one auto wheat and then i afk for a hour and i got level 48 and it was easy.

  3. Question. Say I have 20 onion totems. Would it not produce onions at the same speed going into an autofarm as doing this? I'm curious. Thanks!

  4. btw dv its faster to get ur mining lvl up to 50 so that u one shot iron and then farm iron like that bc when your doing a basic cry iron farm you only get one drop from breaking the ground underneath it, but if u break the iron in one shot (lvl 50) then you get two drop so its more efficient that way

  5. Islands should add little builders that sell your crops automatically but you would need conveyor belts that give the food to the builders

  6. also i rate your streams a 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000/100

  7. HI DV you may not remeber me but im a big fan and my dream is to be as good as you i dont have many coins and i cant put money in my in my vending so its hard to make money and star seeds

  8. DV u should ask the Dev’s for a infinite afk limit u get kicked after 20 mins But PC can auto click and don’t get kicked But mobile.can’t so pls consider asking the Dev’s

  9. Wait wait wait wait wait wait
    This is literally my desing but better have just seen my vedio when I was self promoting XD

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