Half 20 of a sequence: Crusing Tampa Bay to Key West. Exploring Horseshoe island reveals: It is an ideal island for tenting! A newly constructed construction is discovered …

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21 thoughts on “Ep. 92, Horseshoe Island Exploring 🏝

  1. Nice.. Pelaces mon baby iLOve You bon courages happy new year 😍😘💫🌟🌷🕊🏝⛵😘🙏🙏💐💐🎉🌸

  2. Hey guy, we just joined the world of trailer sailor sailboats, we just purchased a 2020 Corsair 880 Sport Trimaran, its 29 feet long, even tough it came with a trailer we keep it in the water full time behind our condo in Key Largo, its a fun boat and wicked fast, right before Christmas we sailed from Key Largo to Key West, we made the 94 mile trip in 5.8 hours at an average speed of 16.7 knots and a few times reached 21.3 knots. Even at those insane speeds the boat is very stable and the pontoons ride nice and level have no tendency to submarine like some trimarans do…

  3. I never wanted a trailerable boat but watching you guys got me thinking so last week we drove from southern Ohio to Cleveland Tennessee to look at a neglected 96 macgregor 26x and it followed us back home. Any wait until we get it cleaned up and heading to Florida with it. I toldgee

  4. I have to agree with Ashley, on a 30ft sailboat, for any length of time, if you don't get along someone is going overboard. You two are awesome together.

  5. Hi beautiful Ashley and mike I hope you both had some fun. Lovely place and some beautiful scenery’s we can see. Look after and have a lovely journey god bless you both 👍🙏🏼

  6. Hey you two. love your site. I have a question, I live in Dunedin Fl and you have been in our area Anclote Key Etc. I have never heard of Horseshoe Island. It looks like you are still above Dunedin Causeway. Could not find it on the chart. You sure abut the name, or can you tell me more thanks Bruce

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