[English] Review 10283 NASA Space Shuttle Discovery

Take a look at the brand new LEGO NASA House Shuttle Discovery set 10283, which incorporates the Hubble House Telescope!!! LEGO has actually been hitting it out of the …

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45 thoughts on “[English] Review 10283 NASA Space Shuttle Discovery

  1. Nice review, surprised to see one now. Question, good sir: can you stand the Hubble on its tail at the rear of the payload bay, as was done during servicing missions?

  2. i think its in very much things similar with the 1996 lego 8480… ..a great old technic set! (excuse my english, german…)

  3. 6:35 OMG WTF is that big Yellow thing on the Hubble? In Reality this is a small and fragile, golden, Structure and on the Model its just this big blobb of Yellow. Also the Solar Panels are Awful, why didn't they just use the one from the ISS, they are soo much more sturdy and look so much better.

  4. You know, I've always thought of the Curiosity Rover as being the model that really started the Lego Space renaissance. Obviously the Saturn 5 is where it went mainstream, but that little Rover seemed to spark something in the Ideas community. Like they say about the Velvet Underground; not many people heard the record, but everyone who did started a band 🙂

  5. They really got the Canopy right on this one, a lot of Toy shuttles (and previous Lego Sets) have gotten this wrong and it really throws off the look of the Shuttle. I love that the Hubble is included, now it makes me wish they would do a Large Scale Voyager 1 set with a little compartment that opens to show the Golden Record. The only big problem I see is the length of the antennas and the scaffolding with the camera on the end, it wouldn't be easy to pull off, not without custom specialty parts.

  6. Neat set. Will definitely order one.

    Hope Lego decides at some point to release a MLP and LUT scaled for the Saturn V at some point.

  7. In my opinion the next should be SpaceX Starship with Super Heavy booster in that shiny silver, which thy used to Hubble. The scale similar to Saturn V, so we can display those two historic vehicles next to each other. Or just Starship in the scale of this Space shuttleso they can put more details into it.

  8. Betting that if they stick with the NASA theme, their next kit like this will be either the SLS or the Apollo CSM (the latter hopefully being in scale with the LM)

  9. Are you sure you cannot put the Hubble in there with lens pointing forward? Promotional pictures show it that way.

  10. When I first saw this set through a notification from one of the LEGO news channels, I thought it looked kinda cool but wasn't thinking that I really wanted to get it. I later watched the LEGO announcement video and saw it up close and how many amazing details it had I realised it was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen I definitely want to go with my Saturn V. That video LEGO video brought tears to my eyes as I realised we are living in a new Golden Age of LEGO.

  11. The thing that excites me most is I can’t take my microfigures from the Saturn V and use them here and it actually works!

  12. A Set with the Mercury and Vostok capsules would be very cool. A new Mars rover would be great. Maybe Voyager? There’s a lot of cool spacecraft that would make awesome Lego sets

  13. For the next set Lego makes I would love to see a falcon heavy rocket or the complete starship rocket. I know they are not Nasa sets but it would be great to have them added to the collection, as they are very important in modern space exploration. Anyways, great video!!

  14. Vorbeste si tu o leaca de romana ca engleza ii pt englezi, au si ei un fel de brick depot care sa faca asta, fa ma in romana ca nu mai pot acili sa baaqa

  15. Man i am so going to get this! My favourite Shuttle and the Hubble Telescope inside. Really a great Set🤩🤩🤩

  16. Looks great, but still a bit disappointed. When comparing to the 10231, There is no mini figure of spaceman, a few stickers instead of all prints and no rockets attached to the body.

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