[ENG] [I-LAND/11회] Part.2 세 번째 테스트_콘셉트 ♬Flame On_니키, 다니엘, 제이, 케이, 한빈 200911 EP.11

‘전 세계가 지켜보는 생존 게임이 시작된다’ 가장 진화된 아이돌이 탄생하는 곳 <I-LAND> 9월 18일(금) 저녁 8시 Mnet <I-LAND> 파이널 생방송 …

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25 thoughts on “[ENG] [I-LAND/11회] Part.2 세 번째 테스트_콘셉트 ♬Flame On_니키, 다니엘, 제이, 케이, 한빈 200911 EP.11

  1. Me 2 months ago- Rewatching this just praying K will debut
    Me Now- Rewatching it cause K will debut
    UwU so proud of my babies Kyungmin, EJ, K, Ta-Ki, and Nicholas and praying that Geonu, Hanbin, and Daniel have a chance to debut

  2. who said ni-ki's voice need to improve be lift i hope u give him more lines,, ni-ki's not only good in dancing but he can sing too

  3. after rewatching 11the episode last night, i realized that they dropped hanbin for purpose, i don’t think he lacked anything in this performance and i feel his vocal was ON POINT, may they have and had other plan for him as a soloist, but they definitely didn’t wanted him on enhypen, he was eliminated purposely, but i am glad he is active now and i assume he will became soloist soon glad at least they aren’t wasting him!

  4. 定期的に見たくなるニキとケイくんの踊り。みんなも頑張って最後まで踊りぬいて凄い!このFlameonは本当に大変だったとJとNIKIがいってたから。

  5. K carried literally his team and it was normal he ranked #1. I hope he'll performe this song with his new group launched by BH Japan.

  6. なんてすばらしいパフォーマンス!!😱💖 Kくん、メッチャハンサムですね😱
    それになんといっても、Nikiの気迫と熱量がすごい🤯✨ (これで14才?🤯😱😱)
    このステージでも、一番熱を感じる。ステージに懸けるNikiの、ものすごい熱量😭✨ Nikiはまるで、生まれた時からステージにいるみたい。
    円になった時のNikiのすり足(1:09/2:08)が、 ワイルドでカッコいい😢💕

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