Ending 2020 In The Philippines What's Siargao Island Like Now?

As a British household dwelling within the Philippines, we have seen Siargao rework from a tourism mecca right into a ghost city. It is now the ending of 2020 and we have been …

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22 thoughts on “Ending 2020 In The Philippines What's Siargao Island Like Now?

  1. Hi lovely family, you mentioned from your previous comment when to take down the Christmas Tree. Can I suggest you do the Traditional Catholic way since you are in the country and that is AFTER the 6th January – because until the 6th is when the 3 Kings from the East brought gifts to the Christ babe. And from 25th Dec to the 6th January is Christmastide in the Traditional Catholic Calendar, therefore, you are still celebrating the Christmas season :-). Merry Christmas!

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  3. I hope foreigners will come and visits here in our country Philippines by the time they watches your videos you posted and see our beautiful rural country side.

  4. Looking forward to your adventures in 2021. Your vlogs have been a great observation into your exciting life. Absolutely great job guys !!

  5. This is caused by global warming. Used to be, our rainy season starts at June to August. Then it moved to July, with the big storms during August and September. Past few years, rainy season is prolonged to the 'Ber' months, with December experiencing a lot of rain. Sadly we even have bad storms during the Holiday season.

  6. Happy New Year to my favourite family on YouTube! May we all have a better and healthier New Year! Stay safe out there.

  7. Good morning world,🎁best wishes for all of you,🥀May this New year bring you much fun,….stay safe safe everyone….I'll see you 2021" YEAHh",🎆

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