Ejecting the Warp Core • Star Trek Discovery – That Hope is You…Part 2

Burnham and crew determine to nuke the Viridian by ejecting the Warp Core whereas trapped within the ship. Star Trek Discovery Season three Finale Episode 13 #BlackAlert.

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17 thoughts on “Ejecting the Warp Core • Star Trek Discovery – That Hope is You…Part 2

  1. I enjoyed this scene. Always love stuff with the warp core. But what was the point of ejecting the warp core and detonating it if they were just going to spore drive jump? Couldn’t they just have jumped? Or did I miss something

  2. Scraping baning warp core dropping thats real safe.. what happen to the eject launchers blast the core out super fast that dump took forever

  3. whats with this huge wasted open space… are there any rooms in this ship i mean the main engine room and the turbo lifts are huuuuuuuuuge

  4. Okay, lets have Brook operate the spore drive even though he has no idea how to do it and, frankly, a manual isnt gonna cover it, even though we know the spore drive can work for short distance jumps without a tardigrade or Stamets. (not to mention Brook being even capable of operating the spore drive being a huge deus ex machina moment in itself)
    Lets have reminiscing talks right as the warp core is on a timer to overload.
    Lets eject the warp core out of a tube that is longer than the entire ship is tall, and then have it stop in a 0G vacuum under the ship for no apparent reason.
    Lets also give the warp core extra scratches because having a few guide rollers to make sure it gets ejected smoothly is beyond 32nd century tech…especially weird considering warp cores are normally touchy as hell.
    I would like Discovery a lot more if there werent gaping holes in its plot that I can poke at without even trying, and that, frankly, the crew is so unprofessional and dumb that by rights they should have been blown up right then and there.

  5. It would have been nice of we were blessed with few scenes of USS Voyager and the Ni'Var fleet actually taking the lead on the attack to the Viridian instead of unnecessary reminiscing talks.

  6. The crew seems so relaxed with each other. Even under stressful situations. Burnham seems to have found her footing. I like her most in situations like this.

  7. Ohhh my fucking god what kind of bull shit iam I watching this shit is this!!!!!!!! Atleast its for free. Oh and where is the fucking flag ship of the federation not even a mention of the enterprise not even in passing conversation the whole season thats kool iam not wtching past this 3rd season..

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