Egyptologists ‘odd’ Discovery in EGYPT That Astounded The ENTIRE World

A cave within the Valley of the Kings, undisturbed for 3000 years! It might be one thing the world had by no means seen. Tutankhamun’s cave! Fortunately, his obscurity throughout …

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13 thoughts on “Egyptologists ‘odd’ Discovery in EGYPT That Astounded The ENTIRE World

  1. I can easy show way better it says where the Holy Grail is they don't have a be clue about the TRINTY or do they hear or see out easy in ears just true beauty without doubt eyes see

  2. This goes far beyond mind boggling , . I really only have one question, they gave a description extremely technical artifacts. Why have we never discovered the instruments used in creating these artifacts of high-precision. You know where I'm going, extraterrestrials, they never left.

  3. Think of a magic 'whiteboard' that effectively allowed you to influence the forces of creation. So if you drew a crown and staff on a stick figure this would inform the master bios what to present as reality upon the next recycle. You could draw fire and a society based upon consumption and war is guaranteed.

  4. If you have enough money you can do anything then right…,Why hasn't the world heard about Alexander the great,his tomb was found in Jordan,,,,but the king will not tell the world,it holds beautiful artifacts and more solid gold statues than ever found in egypt all together,,,,I've seen the pictures and they are incredible…

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