Egypt unveils 59 sealed coffins in major archaeological discovery

Egypt has placed on show dozens of coffins belonging to clergymen and clerks practically 2500 years in the past, with archaeologists saying tens extra have been discovered within the huge …

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36 thoughts on “Egypt unveils 59 sealed coffins in major archaeological discovery

  1. How come when I steal gold from a dead body they call it ‘Grave robbing’?
    Local cemetery keeps calling the cops!
    I’m just doing research 🧐
    haha 😆

  2. From the beginning, Satan has been a liar. He told his first lies to Eve, to deceive her and draw her away from God (Genesis 3:1, 4). He was the first liar, which makes him "the father of lies" in the same way that Hippocrates is the father of modern medicine. He was the first to think "I'm going to say the opposite of what is true" and to carry out that action. God speaks the truth and Satan says the opposite, and man is confused. Ever since the garden of Eden, this has been happening. Satan uses the world system to disseminate his lies (1 John 5:19), and the lies are always growing in number and complexity.

  3. How dare are this people who have no respect for their ancestors. For the sake of money.May your egyptian ancestors forgive you. I lost respect on these people. Their discovery doesn't encourage me to visit egypt.

  4. Eye am interested in the area of discovery and how old these coffins are? The wood seems to be a little too well preserved.
    That grave vault must of been air tight and then for them to open this major discovery out in the open with the elements…..?? In the words of the famous poet Keith Sweat…."Something Something Something Just Ain't Right."

  5. So Egypt and its racist arabs claim to be the creators of the pyramids but the colour and features on the coffins show very African features… Anyway, lemme continue to sip my tea…🇰🇪💁🏽‍♀️

  6. Does this seem totally fake to anyone else? 2500 years and they're perfect? 2500 years of earthquakes and floods? I'm just not buying this.

  7. I have studied about it
    In the past mummy was so intelligent than us
    There were 3 men used to know how to make the chemical that gonna made body stay for thousands of years , and no one was allowed to know it except them untill there was an earthquake and they died

  8. i am so happy for this , they are intact i can wait when they reveal who were they and add up to the Egyptian civilization history

  9. Дерево за 2500 лет не превратилось в труху? И ткань на мумиях, как будто вчера с фабрики из Китая. 2500 лет назад краска по дереву, была супер 🙂 2500 лет простояла и не полопалась. Мне кажется египтяне сами по тихому бомже хоронят, а потом "неожинно" находят их мумии 🙂 Чтобы привлечь лопоухих туристов. Я был бы согласен что мраморные, или каменные саркофаги остались целыми, за 2500 лет, но деревянные, это уже звездешь.

  10. Becareful now, cause that thing could have Covid-Nanntinn-version 2… If anyone have seen the movie "Tomb Raider 2018", then you'll know what I mean.

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