Egypt: 2,500 y/o mummy in "perfect condition" revealed after discovery of 59 sarcophagi

Subscribe to our channel! 2500-year-old historical Egyptian sarcophagi have been found and revealed by Egyptian archaeologists in Giza …

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33 thoughts on “Egypt: 2,500 y/o mummy in "perfect condition" revealed after discovery of 59 sarcophagi

  1. They spend all that time honoring the dead, and even go as far as to add a protective sealant to precent chemical decomposition. Nevertheless a bunch of grown men are hacking at these meticulously crafted coffin like it's a christmas present. Why not just use chainsaws that would be faster! Good lord

  2. Anong naisip ng mga taong ito at kinakal ang nananahimik na bangkay. Para ano, may madisdukbreng yaman o kaalaman.. lilintikin kayo niyan asahan ninyo yan.

  3. Why are they opening ng the box if they do not intend to ressurect. The person could be cloned and aged in tombe untill old enough to be awakened

  4. After years of Islam defacing and destroying the Egyptian statues and desecrating their tombs and forcefully converting all the Egyptian people generations ago … their still ignorant and call them coffins , they are sarcophagus!!! not coffins and when you find a Egyptian burial site their is a lot of gold and precious items buried with them and where did that go hmmm. looted or did you guys quickly melt it down or sell it immediately that would be thousand of pounds of gold and treasure .. no they will say the 100 sarcophagus where buried with nothing .. their facing defaced bye Islam

  5. Really sad but interesting at the same time…You just witness the last person who put the body in the coffin saw 2500 years ago,its kinda weird ,its like time stop for 2500 years and now here it is…

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