Eating WIENERSCHNITZEL "Thousand Island Chili Cheese Fries"

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42 thoughts on “Eating WIENERSCHNITZEL "Thousand Island Chili Cheese Fries"

  1. Gotta work on your game, fellas! First time I’ve seen ya drinking regular soda.
    I’m so glad you’re doing these food ones again. Really missed you two!

  2. Keith Get📣📣📣📣 melatonin 5 mg Solgar brand at the vitamin shoppe. Also less eating all that fast food.try eating clean. Spinach sandwich with mushrooms, brazil nuts in the morning.Take care of yourselves cause all that bad eating takes longer for your system to re-adjust.u know this..And get back in the gym. Love you boyz..💙🙏

  3. For all of those saying they look small af, find someone who is 45 and looks ripped without the juice, then we talking

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