Duckala [Upbeat Island] (animation) Monster Sounds (Original By Hex g27629)

Unique: Components: Rubber, hypno. I’m not endorsed or sponsored by Massive Blue Bubble, though some …

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38 thoughts on “Duckala [Upbeat Island] (animation) Monster Sounds (Original By Hex g27629)

  1. Duckala
    Elements: Rubber, Hypno
    Bio: This crazy hat is a disguise master! It is the Duckala. It can chomp its way through lots of dangers and even shatter the most powerful Wanderers! The thing is, Chasers and Romers will and may get chased back by the Duckala. And just because Duckalas are cold blooded- they are not cold of heart! It is said a Duckala hug can cheer up almost any sad Upbeat. Just don't squeeze too hard when hugging the Duckala- it can shatter you into shards.
    Weapon: Its gaping maw

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