Dream Discovery & Parrot Rescue – Stardew Valley [1.5 Update] – Part 14

Aavak has returned to his roots in Pelican City as soon as once more. With a brand new farm, a brand new model, however the identical lovable pals, what wonders lay in retailer?

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35 thoughts on “Dream Discovery & Parrot Rescue – Stardew Valley [1.5 Update] – Part 14

  1. It's one thing to get told that you've been a major part of someone's dream, it's at a extremely different level when you're actively participating in said dream and remember everything yourself!
    It's either that or Emily has storytelling skills rivaling Aavak's godlike narrative immersion!
    Excellent episode, looking forwards to the next!

  2. ON THIS DAY IN 1.1:
    Aavak introduced us in with explosives in his hands, "Why I'm sleeping with explosives, don't ask me, its kinda crazy." We wondered if 'it' is the proper term vs. 'I'm'.
    He checked the television for the weather, sunny again, and forcefully taking his own luck in his own hands, did not check Welwicks show for the fortunes. However, fortune of a different sort showed up in his mailbox when his clone Mother 'Mom' sent him some of Grandpa's inheritance. He felt extraordinarily lucky to be bequeathed a farm AND money! "Frankly", Aavak admitted ,"I'm not sure if I deserved this. I must have been a VERY special grandson!" (My theory is you're the ONLY grandson, and you were young enough to GROW the family farm, everyone else ALREADY had a well-established, happy life. But that's just a theory, a game theory.)
    As it is the final day he had to water the crops for spring, he used the change in seasons to FINALLY upgrade his watering can, which he brought to Clint along with a geode.
    On the way to town, earlier than expected, as he put it, he informed us of the game update with some bug fixes and patches, and stopped by the storefront to see Penny's advertisement for an Earth Crystal. He took it on, went to the edge of the river under the north bridge, and fished. He was happy with his catches until a soggy newspaper crossed his path. He persevered for one more cast, and was rewarded…with algae. A bit chuffed, Aavak retreated to the store to sell the produce he made and buy an apple sapling. He headed home, grabbed the Earth Crystal, and headed out before planting the tree.
    Penny rejoiced to see the Earth Crystal, which made Aavak feel a bit guilty for accepting a payment for it, he wished there was a way to return her money. But he resigned himself to Clint's and handed over his faithful watering can for upgrading…before breaking open his geodes…which means he couldn't break them open at all because Clint was busy upgrading the watering can…"I blocked myself from getting geodes discovered! Ugh, aw well."
    He donated some fished-up glass shards, and brought up the discussion of the elusive book on the shelf. Many people have said that book DOES exist on the shelf, even if he can't seem to access it. Either way, Aavak decided to walk away to the beach, where a set of wiggly worms finally revealed- a lost book.
    He chatted with Elliot, who admitted that he might no like his cabin, which was full of spiders, to which Aavak confessed that he actually likes spiders. "Wow, way to judge a book by its cover. Not very dapper of you. Quite a disappointmentthat you think I'dnot like spiders."
    He also mentioned that he would need to turn in the sunfish, (which the bundle comment dapperlings breathed a sigh of relief. )
    He attempted to patronize Willys shop on a Saturday, and that was when he found out the hurtful truth about Willy's business hours.
    He took a second to check the crab pot bundle, and everyone was happy to see he noticed the oyster needed to go there. A wander in town and a few chats to townsfolk led him to trying out a present for Abigail- a gold star coral….it was neutral. "Maybe it'll undo so.e of the bad I've given." He surmised as he traveled north to the community center, where he deposited the sunfish and oyster into safety (the comments approved massively!!) He explored the other options, and set off for the mines. He chatted with Maru and Demetrius, happy to see the father-daughter relationship they've developed through their lab work, talking a little bit about his own father's work, which involved a little bit of everything hard-working, honestly.
    Aavak descended to level 31 of the mines, where he was plunged into terrifying darkness, but not enough for him to talk about his mother's job (who was a nurse), and showing the hard work ethic that he learned from both of them. Well done, Aavak's parents. Well done indeed!
    Sadly, the first screech of a bat sent Aavak fleeing, frightened, into a little corner of the dungeon, wondering what new horror was coming after him. "I hear evil approaching. Light protect me!" He fled to the staircase he found, saying "I don't know what it was, but it was coming for me, I'm fairly certain!" While he wondered about his energy, he was also thankful for the lessened watering requirements for the end of the season, for which he was blessed with over half of a bar of energy.
    He learned that the scary screeching noise was just a bat approaching, and he regretted having to dispose of the the noble creature he knew and loved, even if he appreciated the bat wings they dropped. He marveled for one second at an Omnigeode before another bat swooped in for revenge. "I saw you coming at me from the darkness. I Refuse! Still refusing…I'd prefer if you would stop." And the bat died on the tip of his blade. As he descended to level 34, he confessed his love for both spiders and bats, anything really that others would find creepy, disgusting, or otherwise. (Just another side of our beloved Aavak's big heart!)
    He made it to level 35 with barely a scratch and at 6:10 pm, so he continued down further.
    As he ventured into a level for a quartz, he saw a foreboding lurking in the darkness, and retreated down the ladder saying "I have no idea who you are, and I don't want to mess with you. I just wanna be on my way!"
    He happily took the coal from the level 38 minecart, saying "Free coal is best coal. Hello, free coal."
    He saw more of the golem stirring in the darkness, and his wish to not mess with them grew even more pronounced, to the point that he didn't harvest some copper because it was keeping one contained.
    However, less watering besides, his energy leles grew dire once again, and despite the name 'cherry' in the name, he refused to eat his bombs in favor of algae.
    A golem managed to shamble into the light, but since Aavak kept his distance, the creature was confused in its attack, and got side-swiped when Aavak dispatched another bat, to Aavak's remorse. "He wasnt even trying to attack me! I had no intention of hurting you, you're a calm and peaceful spirit of the mine."
    Alas, his energy and time ran out before he could find the level, and thus left the mine at level 38 just shy of 10:00 pm.
    Hr made it to the farm, dropped off his items, ppanted his apple tree, and headed off to bed, ending the episode on one day. Because of this, some Nostalgic News will be off-set a bit, I'll let you know if he does it again so I can sync back up again! Until then, carry on!

  3. This series is honestly something i look forward to every day i wake up, thanks aavak for always staying positive and amazing 😀

  4. I know the people in this comment section are good people. Aavak is lucky to have a nice loyal bunch of watchers but…….

    Can i please ask for people to not spoil things for Aavak? I understand everyone means well but it's so much better for him to discover all the new stuff naturally through his playthrough and it will be more entertaining for us too to see his excitement as he finds it.

  5. I must disagree about you running at all times seeing as this place seems very small but it takes you a 1 in game hour to “run” around all the buildings

  6. About upgrading your house – it can't be done until Robin has finished your coop so you definitely made the right choice. Also, I think you can afford a new weapon at this time.

  7. I've noticed you manually put items into the chests while the chest itself has a button where it automatically puts the items that are already in the chest from your inventory 🙂 Might make it little easier when you get bigger bags 😀

  8. If your community center has the enchanter's bundle, you'll need oak resin, and that has the wizard's picture on it! That's probably what you're thinking of 🙂

  9. A sneaky double episode day! This is the 14th time I will tell all of you how excited I am for this episode even before I get a chance to watch it.

  10. Oh and bonus message, for a bonus episode! If you do not want possible spoilers/hints on easier dealing with those little crabling things, ignore!


    Last time I played, you COULD pickaxe the shell from those little crabling things in the mine and expose them so they could no longer hide. Easier than waiting for them to come up for air and/or move. Not sure if it is still a thing, but I could swear it was.

  11. Best way I've found to get coal without having to burn a ton of wood is to farm dust sprites on the "blue" or "iron" area of the mine which starts at level 40.

  12. Yay!!! Thank you again for another double day!!!! Also when you are putting things in your chest there is a button over the organize button that will put everything of the same kind into that chest so that you don't have to do it manually.

  13. I haven’t been watching from the start of this series and only watched the last few uploads but it’s such a relaxing let’s play and got me back into Stardew Valley

  14. Just got a switch, for my 8 yr old she is so excited that stardew valley is available there that she was like now I can use all the tricks from Aavak to play the best play thru!

  15. Aavak after you have 2 hearts friendship with Caroline you can get Tea, just go to Pierre's store on the kitchen there is a door leading to Caroline's mini-greenhouse… she will give you some tea and the recipe for tea sapling….

  16. You can give the magic blobs at a specific sacrifice enough upgrades which unlocks the wagons to get faster from one point to another

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