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48 thoughts on “Dragon Roost Island Theme EXTENDED

  1. oh this moment in time,
    eating cereal, just walking around this island happy to be here, everything was so mysterious , the sound track would stay in your head for hours long after you got done playing, such an amazing time to be alive.

  2. I remember when I used to love this game so much until I did what I think was wind temple without a guide. You know what happens next.

  3. I remember when I was a kid and I was off school with really bad food poisoning, I played wind waker to this level and just laid down and listened to this music because it soothed me 🙂

  4. Coming back to this after Breath of the Wild and just admiring how good of a job this was and the more relaxed version in BotW

  5. Ok I like how it's the dragon island theme right but there's. one thing . . . . . . . . THE FORBIDDEN ISLAND IS IN THE BACKGROUND

  6. Top 5 themes from Zelda (only 1 is allowed per game):

    -Song of Healing (Majora's Mask)
    -Gerudo Valley (Ocarina of Time)
    -Hidden Village (Twilight Princess)
    -Dark World (A Link to the Past)

  7. 61 people drowned in the great sea,died from excessive bombs on this island,and got pounded by Ganondorf! ( and got slapped by Aryll,Tetra/Zelda, and Links granny!!!

  8. Uff ich hätte nicht gedacht, dass ein nerviges Kind meine Nerven nervt….Aber Zelda ist super!! Ich höre diese Musik zum einschlafen. ^^

  9. Lol the first time I heard this was in Super Smash Bros Brawl. And man I loved it. Then I heard it in the Zelda 25th Anniversary orchestra, and man it got EPIC! Amazing stuff!

  10. is someone playing upright bass over this? cuz i dont remember there being an actual bass in the original but maybe its just me

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