Dr. Fauci Calls Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 Vaccine ‘Good News’ | TODAY

Johnson & Johnson says their COVID-19 vaccine, which solely requires one shot relatively than two, is 72% efficient at stopping COVID-19 in america …

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21 thoughts on “Dr. Fauci Calls Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 Vaccine ‘Good News’ | TODAY

  1. If you think about it jnj vaccine is actually better, because you only need 1 dose, moderna and pfizer needs multiple so jnj working at 72 percent at 1 dose is actually better than multiple doses to work 99 percent.

  2. Telescoping testing timelines and approvals may expose all of us to unnecessary dangers related to the vaccine. While preclinical trials to evaluate the potential safety and efficacy of vaccine candidates are likely to include tens of thousands of patients, it is still unclear whether that number will be large enough and a trial will last long enough to evaluate safety for a drug that would be administered to so many. The US alone plans to vaccinate hundreds of millions of people with the first successful candidate. One serious adverse event per thousand of a vaccine given to 100 million people means harm to 100,000 otherwise healthy people.

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  4. No thanks!

    The same people bringing us these "miracle vaccines" have also long been advocating for a drastic reduction of the human population.

    2+2= ?

  5. NOVAVAX is best Vaccine.
    Novavax is the best vaccine with 95.6% effectiveness on common strain. It is even effective against British strain 86% and south African strain 60%

    Can you please make video on this Vaccine ?

    Result came out on 29th January 2021.

  6. Johnson & Johnson the company that brought you lawsuits such as-
    Ovarian cancer from baby powder.
    Hernia and Vaginal mesh lawsuit.
    Depuy Hip implants.
    Xarelto dead family members and severe bleeding.
    Invokana for the diabetics results in amputation's and kidney failure.
    Risperdal gynecomastia for boys.
    Concerta for ADHD approved by FDA causes severe depression and suicidal thoughts for young children.

    What a great choice to provide a vaccine for millions of people….

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