Donald Trump makes it ‘very clear’ he’s not finished yet

Donald Trump has made his intentions “very clear” following his acquittal within the “monumental waste of time” impeachment trial, in accordance with Sky Information host Rita …

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39 thoughts on “Donald Trump makes it ‘very clear’ he’s not finished yet

  1. The trial against the corrupt and stolen elections starts on the 19th February. Many will have to explain how the dead people voted, how the same people voted twice and who let the dogs into the Senat!! President Trump will dismantle the mafia! 💪💪💪

  2. The Democrats motto is: Do as I say, don't do as I do. When I think of the Democrat party… I think of corruption and lies, set ups and working in evil and darkness.

  3. Donald J Trump 45th and two term President of the United States Of America. Now get the crooks to hell out of our house!

  4. In his little mind he won the election and he is still the President and he is planning to cling to power until he die in office i am not surprised😂🤣

  5. It's sad I can't watch the news in my country because its ran by those cocksucking Demoncraps that's why I only watch this one

  6. He shouLd have bowed ouT gracefuLLy. Gas prices going up and oiL independence down. He couLd have come back the eLder sTaTesman & won easiLy in 2024. InsTead he creaTed a ruckus. I'm concerned he wiLL recreaTe the same BS in 2024.

  7. The obtainable insulation reportedly save because flat moberly pedal over a abusive caravan. determined, highfalutin composition

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  9. Joe Biden the little old man who can't remember what state he's in has scalped the big yellow chief kicked his butt and it FEELS good 81 million voters told trumpy the most corrupt uneducated amoral bigoted ill informed twit that's resided in the whitehouse to get LOST

  10. Te felicito y gracias a Dios pues todos sabemos que eres inocente,los demócratas no saben cómo destruirte y inventan todas clases de diabluras pero la verdad siempre sale a la luz,,mira cómo hicieron con las elecciones que las robaron para poner un loco comunista que afirmado leyes demoniacas para destruir esta nación, en verdad no se cómo las personas apoyan un parásito como este

  11. Democrats wouldn't cheat in elections or conspire with foreign countries to overthrow a President or sleep with Chinese spies LOL

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