Donald Trump Jr. tweeting about this viral arrest in Canada calling it 'insanity'

Donald Trump Jr. was tweeting about this viral arrest in Canada. Here is the unique report on why Gatineau police laid costs after busting an alleged unlawful …

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45 thoughts on “Donald Trump Jr. tweeting about this viral arrest in Canada calling it 'insanity'

  1. Donnie Jr. Should mind his own business, I hope the American justice system prosecutes him and his crime family, all of them !!!

  2. Donald Trump Jr. rather see Canada with deaths per capita like USA to make them look not so bad alone in the middle of Mexico and Canada.

  3. That Women cop needs to shut her stupid mouth LIAR:>( they had no right to even be at that house, Charge the Police with trespassing and the trauma they caused for no reason. Last point how are all those Officers in their house not a serious HEALTH COVID19 RISK, so stupid.

  4. Now we know why Donald Trump Junior was interested in what was happening in Quebec

    Donald Trump Jr. Called An Incident In Quebec 'Insanity' & Used It As A Strange Warning
    On January 3, Trump Jr. responded to a tweet that shares a video of the way Gatineau police responded in an aggressive manner when they showed up to a prohibited indoor gathering.

    "This is insanity and it's coming here soon if you don’t wake the hell up"

  5. " it's just fines " when so many are jobless and the fines are way more than the stimulus . So basically be homeless or go to jail. Because daddy government said so.

  6. That is crazy. Its your home, youre paying the cost, but "big brother" feels like youre his child instead of a grown @$$ adult capable of doing wtf you want, just like them…gtfoh😑😕.

  7. PUTIN called to say he is having too much fun watching the country divided like this and thanked Donald and Faux News for their service to the Kremlin.

  8. Gatineau quebec police as stupid and ignorant as can be and why all cops think they can manhandle you because they dont like your answer
    is that their it the steroids they use on a daily basis do they all need to take anger management classes PATHETIC
    they need to be repremanded

  9. The police officer (in this video) is not wearing a face-mask–may police should start thing that cell phones have pretty capabilities of recording video.

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