Doing DARES in Roblox Islands! (Part 3)

I do dares in roblox Islands! From a “actual” Telanthric face reveal to purchasing dust for 1 million cash, I do over 20 dares on this video! (additionally on the ultimate dare after the …

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37 thoughts on “Doing DARES in Roblox Islands! (Part 3)

  1. I dare you to give me 1b coins lol you dont need to I got 40 something mil coons I'm fine if not that dare give ur cow 1b coons

  2. I dare you to show your face for real,
    No avocado face or roblox MAN DUDE FACE or else I will unsub to your channel

  3. I dare you to give this random guy i found, 20 industrial smelters, and a bunch or money. The user is slayerboyghostboy666

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