Doctor: COVID vaccine distribution "a logistical nightmare"

With hundreds of thousands having traveled for the vacations, well being specialists warn the worst of the coronavirus pandemic is but to come back. One in each 17 individuals within the U.S. have …

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37 thoughts on “Doctor: COVID vaccine distribution "a logistical nightmare"

  1. Who is surprised that the vaccine rollout has been a catastrophe? Everyone knew it would be hard and getting ready ahead of time, but the USA policy seems to be deal with it after something happens not plan ahead. Reactive not proactive. This is not a surprise

  2. Bill gates is an expert too let him take it also but make sure it’s documented that he takes the real shot not a fake for tv one

  3. Here's a clip of Kary Mullis (the Nobel Prize winning creator of the PCR test) calling Anthony Fauci a liar!

    Mullis conveniently died 72 days before Event 201. Never heard of Event 201?

    Event 201 A Global Pandemic Exercise took place in October 2019. The scenario mirrors our current "crisis". Paid for by The Bill & Malinda Gates Foundation. Johns Hopkins and the World Economic Forum were also involved. Establishment fact check sites will have you believe this is just a "conspiracy theory" and a coincidence. You decide.

  4. In 2017, during a presentation at Georgetown University Medical Center, Fauci told an audience that there would be a "surprise outbreak" in the coming administration.

    Look up Event 201 A Global Pandemic Exercise that took place in October 2019. The scenario mirrors our current "crisis". Paid for by The Bill & Malinda Gates Foundation. Johns Hopkins and the World Economic Forum were also involved. Establishment fact check sites will have you believe this is just a "conspiracy theory" and a coincidence. You decide.

    Look up The Rockefeller Foundation 2010 document Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development (page 18 Lock Step). This talks about a pandemic being used to lock down society.

    Look up the 2020 US Quarter. Why do you think they chose to use bats on this quarter? Just a coincidence? Unlikely… Everything happening has been meticulously planned by these evil POS!

    Is this the real Bill Gates? 🤔

  5. We are being played by big pharma, the media (GE, News-Corp, Disney, Viacom/CBS, Time Warner Media), politicians (left AND right), NGOs/non-governmental organizations (The Council on Foreign Relations, UN, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group, Club of Rome, Royal Institute of International Affairs) & elitist tax exempt foundations (The Bill & Malinda Gates Foundation, The Rockefeller Foundation, etc.)

    Whether this virus is real or not does not matter! They are clearly using it to turn us against each other (Divide & Conquer) and push elitist agendas (new world order, the great reset, global fascist technocracy, mandatory vaccinations, vaccination certifications, immunity passports, total police state surveillance & control system, etc.)

    The job of the establishment media is to deceive, divide, and distract! There are no legitimate journalists on TV!
    If you think you're too smart to be fooled. If you're too dumb and/or brainwashed by academia and the media to see giant contradictions and obvious agendas, may your chains and your family's chains rest lightly upon you.

    If you want to travel next year, you may need a vaccine passport – CNN

    Employers Can Now Legally Fire You for Refusing COVID Vaccine

    You can't sue Pfizer or Moderna over side effects

    You will own nothing, and you will be happy

    Is this the real Bill Gates? 🤔

  6. Let polititions take vaccine first so the regular population knows it’s safe especially doctor fouci he is so concerned for us put him in a confined evaluation room on tv so we can all feel safe

  7. It should alarm you that we are headed toward a society where you will need to offer up unlimited access to your bloodstream in exchange for permission to live a normal life.

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  9. I'm not taking any more vacancies anymore because I'm officially declaring the vacancies will make all of us sick and die i will not doing that I have a right to not to get any vacancies they will change you're DNA and I am not joking

  10. Ivermectin can save us but they won’t look at it because there’s no money to be made there. Disgraceful. Do your research on ivermectin and demand they listen!

  11. HELLO—— DR ARNOLD… you TOTALLY WRONG! Don't believe him viewers and CBSNEWS! My husband is an IT person and YES they are frontline workers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dr Arnold who do you call when your computer is messed up????? And who comes/goes into the ER/patient areas etc… the IT MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My husband was given an N95 mask and shield…. HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Next time you call IT for your computer – THINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Mutated on spike protein vax based on spike protein probably already mutated more than that we should be focusing on treatments not vaccines!

  13. They never said 20 million people would be vaccinated by the end of the year. They said 20 million doses would np be distributed. There’s a difference.

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