Discovery Plus Review and FIRST LOOK – Will it Survive…? | Discovery+

Are you going to get Discovery+?! What reveals are you going to look at on the service! Let me know your ideas down within the feedback! Take pleasure in my Discovery+ …

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19 thoughts on “Discovery Plus Review and FIRST LOOK – Will it Survive…? | Discovery+

  1. Discovery Plus Sure Looks Like They got alot of content on Their, I'm So definitely Subscribing The App whenever I get a Chance 😁

  2. A lot of this stuff is on Hulu (regular Hulu. Don't even need live Hulu). We watch Triple Ds all the time on Hulu so question is, do you think they'll start taking it off Hulu now?

  3. I think Discovery+ will last because it is so niche but within so many different categories.
    I mean, streaming services that are even more niche are still around. MagellanTV (documentaries), CuriosityStream (documenatries),SmithsonianChannel (documentaries), AcornTV (British tv shows), Funimation (anime), Crunshyroll (anime), Hidive (anime), Boomerang (classic cartoons) and NickSplat (classic cartoons).
    So I don't think that the niche factor is gonna hurt them at all.

  4. Don't say it won't last. This is great for those of us who like nerdy channels. I'm signing up just to get the science channel.

  5. Dude the BBC animal documentaries are a must watch. Planet Earth 1+2, Blue Planet 1+2 and Frozen Planet. They’re some of the highest rated shows in the IMDB top 250 shows. Seriously an absolute must watch!!!

    Edit: Just seen Africa and Dynasties is on there as well. Bro this BBC content alone is worth your buck.

  6. We don’t have a live streaming service, so I was happy to get these shows and the price is right. If you have Hulu live, YouTube live, etc. you don’t need this. I’m excited about getting the food Network catalogs. The Mike Rowe show.
    I have never watched a 90 day show. Might have to check that out.

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