Discovery Plus Full Review! Brand New VOD Streaming Service With over 55,000 Episodes of 2,500 Shows

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28 thoughts on “Discovery Plus Full Review! Brand New VOD Streaming Service With over 55,000 Episodes of 2,500 Shows


  2. Triple M, great video. Been interested in this service since they announced it as I'm a huge ID channel fan. Just wondering how many minutes of ads you have to watch in a typical program if you subscribe to the $4.99 plan? If it's close to how many there are on live TV it wouldn't be worth it but if it's say, 5 minutes or something like that, then maybe so.

  3. Great…yet ANOTHER streaming service….all trying to get your streaming dollars….ugh…nice try. I'll stick with my tried and true Roku… they'll have to pry that Roku remote from my cold dead hands…lol!

  4. Triple M I love this subscription my dad can watch his favorite shows and My sister can to and my mom can to

  5. This is a great streaming service. Much better than Netflix in my opinion.
    I'm a huge fan of True Crime shows, so this is right up my alley. 😀
    And btw. Discovery+ have been available in some European countries for years already.

  6. It’s actually pretty good for the price but people want everything for free when you say streaming they think free nothing free and if it is sometimes it sucks that’s why a lot of people buy cheap devices and equipment and then they wonder why it buffers

  7. No new episodes, no live streams, no thank you. Most of this content is already out there on Roku, Xbox, Fire TV and Apple TV.

  8. The problem with this app is that if you want to watch current episodes of a show they are not available. They are a season behind.

  9. Nice review. Seems to be Reality TV. Years ago I used to flip between Discovery, Travel, and History channels before they became filled with Reality TV. I'd be more interested in Discovery Science and watching those shows along with the Cosmos episodes which are now on Tubi. I'd also like to watch all the Nova episodes starting from the beginning, but Amazon Prime charges for it. That's pathetic. The Nova shows are from PBS, yet Prime is charging to watch them. I downloaded the PBS app. I want the Science content, not Reality. Verizon is killing it. With certain packages you get Hulu, Disney +, and now a trial of Discovery +. That's a lot of content whereas AT&T only seems to have Watch ATT and that only has 1 stream but it is free for certain plans.

  10. Looks pretty cool, Triple M
    I'll be looking into soon.
    Thank you, keep up the good work my friend.
    Hope all is well with you and your family.

  11. Can't see the channels…scrolling too fast
    ..need to put on a list…no scrolling..then we can scroll ourselves and see them….

  12. Thanks for sharing brother M. Verizon informed me that I get it free for 6 months with my unlimited package but haven't tried it yet. Keep the incredible content coming. Hope you have an awesome night. Much love and RESPECT brother

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