Discovery Plus: 5 Things You Should Know About Discovery's New Streaming Service | Cord Cutters News

New 12 months, new streaming service. This week, Discovery launches its personal devoted streaming service often known as Discovery+ — though it is stylized as …

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36 thoughts on “Discovery Plus: 5 Things You Should Know About Discovery's New Streaming Service | Cord Cutters News

  1. Hate it. Thought that I would get the History Channel, TLC, HGTV etc…. All you get is select episodes of some of their programing. I'm canceling my trial.

  2. If you want to see any new episodes of your shows, you will have to get this thing. All shows I've seen are saying they are moving all new episodes to D+, so…I guess that means all the cable channels just become reruns for shows up to what aired up to Jan 10

  3. For anyone who has the $4.99 version of the service with ads, about how many minutes of ads are in a show? On live TV it's about 17-18 minutes of ads in an hour-long show. Hope this is way less than that, otherwise the ad-free version would be the only way to go, IMHO.

  4. I have Discovery+ but wished the History Channel had more programs. The one program I want to see on the History Channel is Modern Marvels.

  5. HHAHA what is going to be next…TBS +, Nickelodeon +, history + F**k + …F all this B.S & Jumpo mambos …ONLY thing is important to me is CES 2021 & THATS SET

  6. Trying out Discovery + but I have Curiosity Stream already that I paid $12 for a whole year, so will probably just stick to that.

  7. I signed up on day one and I’m happy with it and plan to keep it. We do not have cable or any of the live streaming services so this is good for us. I really don’t care if I have to wait for the season of a show to end for it to be placed here. I can wait.
    We have Disney+, HBO Max, Brit Box, and now Discovery + with no ads. Antenna for local news and sports. We are good!

  8. Access to the Discovery Channels is the primary reason why I pay for $20 a month for Philo TV. It seems like a good option to cut Philo and only pay Discovery $4.99 a month for the same channels.

  9. I've been getting a good dose of these shows on my Charter Live. It's really going to irritate me, if they disappear from my choices and I have to then do a paid subscription to yet another streaming channel.

  10. Great service.
    I have been paying $30
    a month for Sling to get these channels. As these the only channels I watch, I can get them all here now for $7. A big savings.
    Love it 😍

  11. The biggest reason I have started a subscription with Discovery + is Mythbusters. It looks like all the seasons are available. There are only 3 episodes in season 1, but it's possible that season only had 3 episodes. I have only watched maybe 10 – 15% of the shows, so I am looking forward to going back to see them. I'll admit, however, that I like Untold Stories of the ER and Cash Cab.

  12. What's sad is that the most popular shows are the ones that ruined these channels. TLC used to be what the name was, learning and educational programming. Now it is TMZ fake "reality" crap. Discovery used to be about science and history, they then stopped showing actual science programming and began the science channel. And now that one too is slowly evolving into fake crap programming. Sad representation for what our society views as important programming and entertainment. We actually have to incorporate BBC content just to get some actual science programming.

    With that said, The Science Channel and BBC are enough for me to try it out. I can do with all the other nonsense channels. Hopefully these two channels don't go further down the rabbit hole of mindless entertainment of fake and staged real life programming disguised as reality. We have 100+ other channels to watch to just escape and be entertained. Please don't take away that 1% of the programming that is still somewhat educational science based programming

  13. Discovery+ is fine but it's not what I thought it would be, at least for a paid service. If you are looking at Discovery+ as a way to not have something like Philo and pay a cheaper price this is NOT it. You won't be able to get new content the next day. Actually, if you have cable or any of the OTT services you can use your DVR or on demand service with them to group together the same content. Honestly for what they offer the add supported version should be free because it really isn't any different from what Viacom is doing with Pluto TV.

  14. Do you know if possible if discovery + will ad more history Channel shows and seasons of American pickers and or pawn stars?

  15. Hello there I have a question discovery plus are they plan to leave the cable companies?. Why should I get this and I have cable and I see all the all the channels

  16. I'm trying it on the 7 day free trial and it's got a lot of good VOD content, but IMO the live programs are mostly brain cell killing garbage.
    I haven't yet decided whether to keep it or not.
    I still want access to the live AHC, DESTINATION AMERICA, DIY, DESTINATION AMERICA, HISTORY and SCIENCE channels.
    Also, I notice that the channel lineup UI looks exactly like YouTube tvs. 🤔

  17. This is a good start for Discovery Plus. Did see early reviews that "a good number" of shows that aren't available on the service yet. Also, there are some shows that are missing seasons from the series. Hopefully they'll arrive on the service soon.

  18. Discovery+ is quite an anticipated Streaming service with featured channel partners; it just hits the spot for streaming Infotainment.

  19. Haven’t heard anything about starling low orbit satellite 📡 internet when will it be available in my area Raleigh North Carolina are any updates please let me know thanks I enjoyed your channel

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