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24 thoughts on “Discovery marvels at the U.S.S Voyager

  1. 1:27 Wish they would've played the 'Voyager' theme around here. Plus an appearance from the EMH (who still existed in the 30th century according to a futuristic Voyager episode) would have been awesome.

  2. I feel what would have absolutely made this scene perfect is just a couple of notes of the voyager theme like they did in Picard

  3. No doubt this is the same ship. Given the willingness of the admiral to refit Discovery it seems Starfleet is hurting for ships. The Federation was likely short of ships after the burn and Voyager was likely converted from a museum back a functional star ship.

  4. It's a shame that the Voyager theme wasn't played, that would have made the scene even better. On the other hand, that would probably have focused too much on Voyager and it was actually more about the whole Starfleet headquarters. It was still a great scene

  5. Voyager was my favorite series out of all of Star Trek and I’m beyond happy that they had this little nod to it. It’s a ship that definitely deserved to have its namesake carried on and to see it’s made it all the way to j was amazing. I wonder if the doctors still kicking around out there he’s technically immortal so he could still be with starfleet.

  6. Still waiting for a U.S.S. O'Brian to show up. The most important person in Starfleet should have a ship named after them at this point

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