Discovery Legends Reputation + New stuff – Star Trek Online

VideoGame Particulars: Star Trek On-line is a massively multiplayer on-line role-playing sport (MMORPG) developed by Cryptic Studios primarily based on the Star Trek …

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23 thoughts on “Discovery Legends Reputation + New stuff – Star Trek Online

  1. That mine console should just be how mines work anyway. Cryptic tends to try to solve large problems with small, ineffective fixes that actually make your build technically worse by using them.

  2. Another rep! Il give someone a cool tribble if they do it for me! I can't wait to see what cool and exciting stuff we will get from the new Picard series/film that cryptic will use to drain my Dads wallet 💲👻

  3. CQC=military/enforcement term=Close Quarters Combat a.k.a. fist/ bat range. if using long range weapons can be close, like 30 feet or 10 meters (i think, 1 yard is close to 1 meter)

  4. Whatabout the dominion?…..remember that faction that nothing has been done for since its release? Other playable races for it,maybe the breen?

  5. I'd like to see rather more group content that doesn't end in few minutes and tools that encourage people to be more social. Now this game is socially a desert. A typical TFO is like playing with bots, after it ends everyone just warp out, nobody even say hello or gg. This game is full of these moments, then you start thinking, what the hell am I doing here around all these quiet people. They all are there just to do their damage and do not care about you, are you dying or not it's nobody's bussiness – let them die, or let's see how they blow up. In time you became one of them, quiet, no longer write anything on chat. Then some day you leave.

  6. If you think people dont use mines watch this "star trek online pvp endeavour p2" and go to the second match. You can have good fine with these mines

  7. WoW !! the "Covert Mine Layer Console" – is basicly the "3 Set Bonus" of the Competitive Wargames Weapon set
    "Obfuscated Strategist Set" without this stupid cooldown
    Seeking Mine Subroutine
    — this would be a AWESOME Bridge Officer Ability
    Targets Foe

    10 kilometer Range

    2 min sec recharge

    Instructs all active mines to track towards the target for 30 sec

    (Mines still activate near targets while tracking)

  8. Tbh the factions should have had their own reputations. Dominion and Romulans have reps. Should have just done a Starfleet and Klingon. But i would love a Section 31 rep. They probably will in the future tbh.

  9. I wonder if that lobi Covert Mine Layer Suite will be the mines that were in season 2 Discovery (DSC) when they approached that Section 31 base. The DSC Legends space, Ingenuity & Ambition, sets definitely seem awesome at least by description. The ground Resolve set just so so imo but it looks like the series armor & looks good. I thought Cryptic had stated they planned to combine environmental armor with regular armor? "our newest queue," is just a Freudian slip by Cryptic but let's all admit it a TFO is just a queue titled something else anyways. Reputation items still cost too much for what they offer in STO compared to mission rewards & fleet gear imo. Interesting that nothing was mentioned about DSC Legends tier 6.

  10. Having to turn the console on to disable the effect seems backwards.

    Being in the lobi store it's probably linked to the upcoming gamblebox.

    Riposte will be out of its event by the time the new rep arrives, just started week 3 on thursday.

  11. do we get themed klingon discovery in that reputation ? any thing ? i just want know because is really shame they focus the content for only federation

  12. I love the idea of shield power adding to hull strength, and damage and other things working off of your shield power. Could actually put some more power in my shields for a change xD

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