Discovery Freelancer 4.85 Reunion Pre-Release Trailer

That is the pre-release trailer for Discovery 4.85: Reunion, the newest model of Discovery modification for Freelancer PC sport. The trailer showcases a few of …

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44 thoughts on “Discovery Freelancer 4.85 Reunion Pre-Release Trailer

  1. Check out the latest video in my channel titled "Download Freelancer in 2018 in 1 minute (+ Discovery Mod)" – It's free, quick and easy to get Freelancer on your PC and the Discovery mod is still very much alive and thriving!

  2. Lots of good memories during my time with Discovery. Unfortunately the endless pages of RP rules and regulations killed it.

  3. @pacrat90 That be Tekagi's pimp pad in Tohoku. Unless you're a jelly or Wild, keep your distance… Or fly a tough enough ship.

  4. Where can i find the music of the trailer? I searched everywhere but i found nothing. Maybe iam dumb but i found nothing. 😀 

  5. Dayum…It really is in there…
    However this song in particular is composed out of a combination of two parts of that song…The "orchestra" and "precussion" parts
    I can also see the author did a good job on editing it…
    LUV IT 😀

  6. I'm not exactly sure, I have played 4.86 very little. You will have to ask on the official forums for more information. The read-me may be able to explain how it works.

  7. I played on a server with an older version.Man,you couldn't get out of a system without being attacked by idiots.It ended with a full scale fight in Colorado with every single player.I think Reinland won,but I was a Bretonian so I went Rouge.It was fun until some guy got a little group of pirates that used Sabers.Everyone RQed after about 3 hours

  8. @panney3 Hi Panney3, I used a score from Video Copilot's "Pro Scores" package. Its very good. But game cinematic industry has been flooded with their stuff.

    Good luck!

  9. @MrFARTGUYS you need the mod completely empty… there's an auto-update on it. but for vista… should go through the forums.


    After you start the game there will be an autoupdate after it's done you are good to go.
    But I advise you read the forums and especially the server rules which can be found in them since if you will break them you might get sanctioned/banned.

  11. Wow…..That was pretty awesome, I'll have to get this mod, I love Freelancer, but got bored once I beat the game and explored everything. This seems pretty neat.

  12. does the discovery mod have hd textures? i mean those ugly low rez textures on planets when u get close to them. are those replaced? does the mod add a bloom effect that was missing from the original?

  13. Can someone help me with a problem pls?
    I finished the whole game and i dont know how to level up
    i have enough money but it requiers a mission and i dont know how to get it
    Freelancer is a good game and i dont want to stop playing it because of this little FUCKING problem

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