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46 thoughts on “Discovery Enters The Streaming Wars…

  1. I think it's a little interesting the approach you took to saying things like "Fixer Upper" and "Chip and Joanna Gaines." Where I live… Fixer Upper is THE home reno show from HGTV and everything else pales in comparison. You design your house according to what Joanna has done. Ship lap became popular in areas that never had ship lap before. And all women are looking for their Chip Gaines to fall in love with. Discovery+ will be very popular in our area largely because everyone will want access to the Magnolia Network, which is the network created by Chip and Joanna due to their success from Fixer Upper. It is replacing the diy network. It's just interesting to see how in different areas can change the perception. haha. Here, they are mega stars… Lew just brushes by the names. haha.

  2. So for saving a few bucks im leaving cable where it has all of this channels integrated to have them all in individual apps going in and out moving from one to another? Cable at this point does not look bad in price compared to all the extra streaming services. And ppl who will say about the 24 months locked into… How long u had netflix???? Exactly. Thank you 😊

  3. In mid 2020 discovery+ launched collaboration with Google pay app. And most user got 100% discount on prime membership including myself
    1 year prime = 300 rs

  4. I disagree it is like cable: it is ala cart/pick and choose what you want, can watch it for a month and then take a break from it, you can binge watch, no commercials (for most of them), it is a lot cheaper then what i was paying for cable, can watch on many different devices, and best of all you have access to watch instantly anything they have. It is what I have heard people say they want out of cable for over ten years now.

  5. Sounds awful. I think these guys got pennies per channel from cable companies, but they wants dollars from customers directly

  6. The plus side is people making the shows now make more money for making those shows because its more of a direct partnership between broadcasters and production companies making the shows. Only downside is now its all being partitioned so the companies are fighting for your attention so its social media of television now… Oof.

  7. In denmark its mad expensive when you look at the price in other countries it 99 kr. ( about $16.25 ) so dobel and so you oh I get spots with that nop It 149 kr. (about $24.50) BTW can I just ad that is a dumb name since the shot D+ is taken by Disney +so the shot is just dis+

  8. All of these streaming services but it makes it so difficult to finally select something to watch!!! Wouldn’t it be great it somebody…. i dunno…. combined several of the services together and played a variety of shows throughout the day


  9. How about this, we get rid of streaming for each company and studio and make this one giant hub that has everything on demand. Wait

  10. Red letter media made a joke about all the streaming services. I thought they were joking but literally everyone has a service now. It was so great when everything was on netflix.

  11. It's been around here in Sweden for a couple of years. They just changed their name from D-Play to Discovery Plus. So it's actually not really "new", rather a new name 🙂

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