Discovery CEO on 2021 plans for Discovery+ streaming service

David Zaslav, CEO of Discovery, joins “Squawk Alley” to debate the launch of the model’s streaming service, Discovery+. For entry to reside and unique video …

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13 thoughts on “Discovery CEO on 2021 plans for Discovery+ streaming service

  1. Huge TAM for this company im thinking about it has turnaround play but first i need more data to support my bullish thesis EDIT: until then i will be invested into $CURI

  2. You add in all these streaming services, you'll pay more then what you will in cable. Not only that, but broadband internet keeps going up about $5 to $12 every year!

  3. The analyst should be asking why would the average cord cutters want this, when they got Disney,Netflix, amazon, Hbo max.
    The plan is to do away with cable, not to double it .

  4. Probably more crap that has nothing to do with discovery. Just like the history channel now has nothing to do with history, it's all ancient aliens and ghost hunters.

    I've created a home theater with a 150 inch screen so we don't need to travel or
    go to a commercial theater and
    avoid covid19, mass shooting (gun sales doubled in 2020).
    As long as there's no exploding RVs like in Nashville.

    ZOOM added to S&P500 in January 2021.
    Zoom has new products like EVENTS for event planners. That will also bring advertising dollars.

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