Digital Premiere—They Will Take My Island

They Will Take My Island (2021), a collaboration between composer Mary Kouyoumdjian and Oscar-nominated filmmaker Atom Egoyan (The Candy Hereafter), …

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10 thoughts on “Digital Premiere—They Will Take My Island

  1. Beautiful! Thank you to all the creative people involved and to the Metropolitan for this production. So moving and timely.

  2. can't hear voices over the loud music. repetitive images over and over. Not up to the Met standard and surprised this is the best the Met could do to explain this artist. Very disappointed!!! Not to mention how annoying the music was. I get music is suppose to be stressful but it to have it throughout the film gave me a headache. The subject matter is so important and the artist is so unknown so would love to have been able to hear it clearly and without distracting images overlapping fading in and out.

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