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43 thoughts on “Diddy Kong Racing Music: Crescent Island

  1. Wonder where rare and nintendo would have been now if rare stayed wit nintendo some of the best most memorable nintendo games rare made them

  2. This and Super Mario 64 were the only games I had on my Nintendo 64. And they were so good that those were all I needed.

  3. Could not agree more! They try and tell kids that games rot away their minds but the reality is that the music may actually help kids develop a great mind and talent for it

  4. This song has been my jam for over 14 years. I loved it when I was 7, I love it now even more when I'm 21. Great music, no matter the source, will never die.

  5. @marioandsonic i do too… but i think since conker and banjo are no longer nintendo characters…. that woudn't happen 🙁

  6. @TheKnightWhoSaidNi People are so stupid about things like that, it's pathetic that people would rather play monotonous permanently brown-hued gunfests than a well-made game with a varied colour pallette and interesting characters simply because they think the latter is too "kiddie" for them. There are definately some darker games that are good and lighter games that are bad, but it's depressing how people instantly base a game's quality on how "mature" they think it is.

  7. @jelizan A very interesting point you've got there! 🙂 Like man, I've been listening to vg music all my life, so it's no wonder that certain kinds of stuff gets embedded into your brain and musical ability 😀 I'm pretty sure that certain kinds of melody structures that I tend to use come straight from video games, even though I can't always trace the source. So all those years of playing games as a kid…totally worth it on more levels than one! ;D

  8. DAMN! If only more Symphonies performed music like this, just imagine, real instruments!? I would pay to see that! (not saying this is bad, just saying with real instruments it be better)

  9. This games music is so awesome it reminds me of how awesome the game itself was. Remembering the game itself reminds me of what life was like back when being alive meant something to me.

    Why can't the world be as awesome as it seemed as a kid? ;_;

  10. @jelizan No kidding! My music appreciation is HUGE now, after listening to this tune and many others over and over at 8 years old. Ignoramuses have no idea how important video games can really be.

  11. Ditto. DS port was a waste.

    Too bad Conker and Banjo can't be on Nintendo platforms currently (the one thing keeping this off the VC). :/

  12. I think Dave Wise creates the best sounds of the world and this is my favorite song from Diddy Kong Racing, I remember my past when I played this game loved! = D

  13. this one is very uplifting!! and with this course, it helps cuz you have to keep on shooting and dodging missiles! love this theme!

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