Did our Land Rover Discovery 3 fix itself? DSC problem resolved.

This was not straightforward and took us greater than four weeks to finish: DSC fault together with three amigos. However lastly we obtained it mounted. Or did the Discovery repair itself? Try …

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40 thoughts on “Did our Land Rover Discovery 3 fix itself? DSC problem resolved.

  1. Again Chris, Kristen and Vera, I hope I get that right, I Apologise.
    Always Awsome, I did my brake sensor the other day, Yes I have a Mate, but without YOU, I would not even attempt.
    I still need those Rails as Vera Repiled 🤔😕 and I would love a Sticker and would Pay as well as P&P. Keep it up Both, You are a great and Loving Team…it's why we love disco. But what a Team 😊

  2. Love how you do the exact same thing with flipping the armrest as we do when shopping at the Mcdonald. We have 3 kids, and this must be one of the most versatile vehicles.
    Love from Norway

  3. Your Disco really does like giving you content to work upon 🙂 Not sure what you're symptoms were, but Christmas tree on the dash, suspension lowering, no speedo, can also be caused by (partially) burned brake lights… Cheers!

  4. You heard it first:: "Discovery is self-healing system." Maybe the snapped crank-shafts will fix themselves too if you wait long enough…

  5. Es wäre schön wenn es mal videos von euch auf deutsch gibt dann wäre es interessanter und wir könnten daran auch teil haben

  6. Great and very useful video – thanks. Moment of the video = Vera "and I have to live with him" – wonderful… You two are a great pair and compliment each other perfectly.

  7. Thank you, yet again another fantastic collaboration by you both.
    You got me wanting a Big Mac & fries after watching this.

  8. Thanks for the mention! I was having a similar issue (HDC fault, transmission failure, and traction control light on) and it turned out to be an electrical issue: the wire that comes from fuse 66P was corroded at a splice due to water in the passenger side door sill. This wire supplies power to various switches (brake, HDC, and DSC) that are sensed by the ABS module. Other than the warning lights, the vehicle also refused to raise the suspension to normal height. It's amazing how something so simple can cripple a vehicle! Anyway, I'm glad to hear that yours is working!

  9. You need to get a brake fluid moisture pen , it tells you the condition of the fluid . Cheep investment !!!!
    I use TRW Brake fluid It the only one that does not have moisture in it before you start the bleeding job !!!

  10. Christian, you definitely need to run the ABS bleeding cycle with the proper tool. I use iCarsoft LR V2.0. I don't have a LR3 though (I will buy ond this week) but use it for my XF Sportswagon.

  11. We just finished watching Blade Runner 2049 before this… I think Ridley Scott is going to be calling you guys any day now for some epic dystopian family friendly B-roll to insert in his next LR commercial. 😬Seriously though – so frustrating (I was thinking the same thing at that same moment) but very edutaining, as ever. Cool sticker too 🤙🍻🙏

  12. I believe brake fluid is hygroscopic, so any opened container should have a use by date. I used a syringe and tubing to extract as much as possible of the old brake fluid on my P38, still need to do a proper bleed at each wheel.

  13. You couldent just replace the abs module because it will need a new adress in the can bus system and
    needs to be uppdated with a new file using the gap tool.

  14. I have the bleed tool that plugs into my compressor in tne work shop, much easier but enough about me, where did you get the schematic showing the interconnections with the DSC module ? I would love one of those and by the way where is the dash board phone mount rail ? Mmm

  15. Hi to you both for another great video
    I can share your pain with the DSC fault I have just replaced the rubber bushes in my front lower wishbones then the DSC fault plagued me cleaned the ABS sensors and replaced one which had a bit of noise, reset the steering angle sensor all to no avail.
    However after a drive and the four reset of the steering angle sensor the faults have not returned (so far) I suspect that the DSC signal from the steering angle sensor is very critical and extremely sensitive
    Did you say you had the GAP iiD tool that is what I use (although I also have the IDS tool also) the GAP tool is very good and you can also edit the CCF file with ease
    Regards and good luck

  16. Hi Christian ans Vera. We now know that Vera is the solution to all problems 😄🤣Look forward to your next video. Fred.

  17. Too long to wait a week to see you here guys! Regarding the diagnose tool, sell yours and get ad iidTool. It is able also to bleed your abs module if needed… I have managed a similar issue on a friend D3 and the problem was the wiring harness close to the ABS pump, moving it a bit fixed the ABS fault on the dashboard. A further analysis revealed 2 spliced wires (suppose due to vibrations) touching together…

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