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19 thoughts on “Did Discovery Improve in Season 3? Pensky Files Discussion

  1. Cool discussion, thanks for uploading the rest of it. I don't agree with all of the points your guests were trying to make and one was honestly confusing. They are looking for a starfleet who's ideals have been compromised but the story is deliberately and clearly showing us that they haven't been compromised at all. I'm not sure your guests think starfleet ideals should be compromised. The story is clearly about star fleet having limited warp capability, fewer ships and personnel and what the galaxy looks like as a result of that.

    However you didn't do a great job of hammering home your points either.

    They asked you for an example and one was given in the first episode we meet the federation (episode 5). Their medical bays are overloaded with sick aliens to the point they are treating some of them in the corridors. Their solution was to risk the discovery (the only ship they have with alternate FTL travel) by sending it on a dangerous mission to find a cure for said aliens. If they were supposed to be compromised they would have let the aliens die and everyone would be complaining about that instead.

    I agree with all of y'all about Osyraa, and the chain, if they wanted to put her or the chain in a grey area they should have started doing it earlier and developed it instead of shoe horning it in at the end.

  2. I generally like how season 3 has gone…. I have also accepted that Michael Burnham will always be the center….. What the character development for the other characters has been interesting and hope it will continue in season 4…… some of the writing could have been better… But I don't like complaining cuz I do enjoy trek being in another golden age….. Long live the Federation

  3. I have yet to hear an argument from the host, I hear a lot of emotional assertions, no actually arguments. For instance "I think that's unfair…" Why?

  4. Idk man some of their points I just can't get behind, I felt like season 3 has been a lot stronger and the story has been more compelling. It makes me wanna watch more to see what else I'll learn about the universe and how it's changed after a temporal war

  5. Hello, this was a very nice discussion and I enjoyed listening to all three of you.

    I'll give my perspective also. First of all: i'm a big fan of TNG and DS9. The Enterprise was quite good too, Voyager was watchable. But I really have a love-hate relationship with Discovery and Picard (with Picard it's more hate-hate-love more than anything, it's so atrocious)

    Both Picard and Discovery have great visuals, the designs, costume deparment (for the most part) and music (especially discovery). It shows that a lot of money went into production.
    But what is lacking is in character and story departments. I'll focus only on Discovery.

    Saru is great (both acting and as a character), Stamets is pretty good, Detmer is okay. Michael Burnam has/had a lot of potential but they made a Jesus/Mary Sue character out of her. But the rest is either bland or down right irritating. And it's not the acting, I think all are capable of great stuff. But the scripts they get are terrible.

    Take a look at TNG/DS9 crew – you saw that the characters were on duty, they were acting really mature. Their dialogues were believable. Here we have some kind of modern/direct young people speach which often is cringe inducing. They swear, they have no respect, seems like they try to be edgy just for the sake of it. Maybe I'm old (almost 40) and this is now a show for the younger generations?

    You talked a lot about the stories. Yes, TNG/DS9 had fillers. But nowadays the shows are 10-13 episodes long so you should not be having fillers! Some build up and character development is fine, but if you sacrifice 2 out of 13 episodes to make a spin off for one of the characters then something is not right.

    Also, in this season we only had three interesting/memorable antagonists – Zareth, Osyraa and the science guy. But Osyraa seems to be a bit cartoonish. She is no Dukat, Weyoun or even Shran.

    I do however like the new Admiral played by Oded Fehr. He can make a turd shine like a diamond so even if he has mediocre script he is still a great presence on the screen.


    p.s. I was really hoping that the 3rd season will be a change in a good direction. So far I'm quite disappointed but I'm still hoping. (As a general rule – first one or two seasons of trek are usually kinda bad compared to the later seasons – like TNG/DS9 for instance; so i'm still giving it a chance)

  6. Interesting debate. I have to agree that Star Trek Discovery is weak storytelling. The dialogue is too contemporary for Trek verse, the characters are too zeitguest political and within ten years, this show won't age well. The difference with TNG and DS9 is that it HAS aged well. That can be seen with the fanbase.

  7. For me personally, in one ep it showed potential promise… but the rest was still driving me up the wall that I finally gave up on this show entirely… after Unification III or whatever… I had enough of Burnham and the dumb stuff constantly afloat in this world they try to call Trek.

  8. Love the channel man. But I disagree with you even more in long for than in your shorter videos. You need to learn how to have a conversation.

  9. Could you do another debate with them Compared to all other debates, this was actually informative and I was able to understand all the views (I like Discovery(esp. S3), but I could see their points hitting hope).

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