Providing you with the obtain on what’s new within the Diamond replace on Roblox Islands minus the brand new COW pores and skin! Keep tuned for that within the subsequent video that includes the …

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40 thoughts on “Diamond Update in Roblox Islands

  1. He says enchanted diamonds are rare but you don’t get enchanted diamonds from the diamond ore you get it from a shiny diamond ore and I found 3 in 2 boss fights I guess I’m just lucky but idk

  2. Hey bye if you use starfruit cake instead of berries it heals a think more then half of your health just alittle tip for one of the best you tubers :3

  3. I haven't been able to play because my pc broke but I'm getting a new one today and I can finally play the updates.

  4. Me: plays in 2x speed
    DV: hiimgonnashowyouhowtogetdiamonds
    Edit 2: guess edit 1
    Edit 4: guess edit 3
    Edit 5: hint: the edit is in the same sentence

  5. When he does an attack you don't have to run away then go back you can just run behind him and start hitting him again and when he stomps just jump over it

  6. Dv something wierd just happened yesterday i was grinding for shard in a pv server a friend just joined and i he wanted grass a gave i saw him with alot of cac seeds i traded for the cac seeds with a slime portal i said he goes first but he doesnt wanna go first so i go first and he said wait and then leaves and i said eh idc i just grinded for another one but guess what happend he came back after an hour and i visited him and i said its ok that u scammed me and he said sorry and gave me 30 cac seeds or more and i questioned why did he scammed me then gave me the cac seeds he said i realized im not lazy i can just go through the portal then he wanted stone totems so i made a deal i give him thirty five stone totems and one buff cry for the slime portal he said ok this time he didnt scam me even when i go first he said he was a dv fan and he felt sorry for what he did thx dv for telling your fans not to scam

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